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 54Mbps Wireless Router

 1000mW Transmit Power

 Price: $329.99

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 54Mbps Wireless Router

 500mW Transmit Power

 Price: $199.99

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Outdoor Directional Antenna

High Gain / Low Profile


  Price: $69.99


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Why is Bountiful Router more powerful than other wireless routers?

Due to the innovative technology of the Bountiful Router, it is able to operate at the highest power level currently allowed by the FCC for wireless routers. Most wireless routers operate at a level of between 15 and 17 dBm, but the Bountiful Router operates at nearly 30 dBm.

Who will want to use the Bountiful Router?

This is a perfect IT tool for companies of any size and all business models. Wireless networks are much more flexible and cost-effective than wired networks. The Bountiful Router is a great option for all businesses.

CEOs, COOs, CIOs, IT managers and others will be interested in obtaining this router for their offices.

Additionally, this technology will have particular relevance in certain vertical markets, including health care, hospitality and government segments.  For larger applications where WiFi is required in mulitiple buildings, multiple Bountiful Routers can be used in repeater mode to increase the distance further.  Use the BWRG1000's in WDS mode, to create a wireless hotspot, wireless bridge, or a point to point wireless bridge.

Has it been tested?

3 available case studies illustrate a few of the many applications of the Bountiful Router. The case studies demonstrate the Bountiful Routers value in the following arenas:

  - Hospitality
  - Municipality
  - Businesses







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