Low Loss 400 Coaxial Cable, 1000ft. Bulk Spool

Manufacturer: CommScope
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MFG Part # GNS-7035
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400-Series Low Loss Coaxial, Bulk Cable,, 1000ft. Spool

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Low Loss 400 Bulk Coaxial Cable - 1000ft Spool

GNS Wireless offers a broad selection of Low Loss 400 Bulk Coaxial Cables. When used correctly, the LMR-400 equivalent cable can be used for cable runs in excessive of 100ft. The cable is light, flexible and weatherproof.  It has a black jacket.  The LMR400-Series equivalent cable is a high performance cable which has become a "standard" antenna cable of the outdoor wireless LAN and Wi-Fi industries. Several off the shelf styles are available including Plenum rated to comply with specific building codes.

These cables come un-stripped, and can either come on a spool, or rolled. The bulk coax cable is un-tipped (raw cut) and are also available by the foot. Please contact us if you are unsure on what type of cable you need for your application.

Impedance: 50 Ohms

Foamed Polyethylene

100% Bonded Aluminum Foil

Tinned Copper Braid - CuSn

Flame-retardant PVC

Polyethylene Jacket

Foot Markings

Low Loss @ better than 6.77dB / 100 ft @ 2500MHz

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Frequency                  Attenuation (at 20 C)

30 MHz                        0.67 dB/100Ft

50 MHz                        0.88 dB/100Ft

100 MHz                      1.31 dB/100Ft

150 MHz                      1.52 dB/100Ft

220 MHz                      1.86 dB/100Ft

450 MHz                      2.71 dB/100Ft

900 MHz                      3.90 dB/100Ft

1500 MHz                    5.12 dB/100Ft

1800 MHz                    5.67 dB/100Ft

2000 MHz                    5.97 dB/100Ft

2500 MHz                    6.77 dB/100Ft

3000 MHz                    7.62 dB/100Ft

5800 MHz                    10.8 dB/100Ft

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Add'l Info
  • High performance flexible coaxial cable construction
  • Multiple jacket styles are offered including Plenum rated
  • Excellent low loss characteristics
  • Equal performance and mechanical characteristics to cables from CommScope®, Times Microwave Systems®, Belden® and Andrew®
  • WLAN
  • RF Pigtails
  • RF antenna cable assemblies
  • Wi-Fi installations
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