1101-933 ALPU-POE-60V-M OD 10/100 PoE metal enclosure

Manufacturer: Transtector
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MFG Part # 1101-933
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1101-933 ALPU-POE-60V-M OD 10/100 PoE metal enclosure
Product Info
Outdoor, wireless broadband antenna/radio protection designed for a single line PoE (Power over Ethernet) in an indoor/outdoor enclosure.

The Transtector ALPU POE Series Broadband Communications Protectors are designed to protect data networks with combinations of high speed data protocols. The protection circuits utilize silicon avalanche diode technology. The unit is available in a plastic enclosure or a cast aluminum enclosure. Both enclosure options are outdoor qualified NEMA 3R type enclosures with easy mounting flanges. The ALPU-POE series feature RJ-45 protection circuits for the Ethernet data pairs pins (1,2) (3,6) and DC un-polarized power pins (4,5) (7,8) for any combination of circuits up to 90VDC MCOV. The unit is intended to be wall mounted and an optional bracket is available to allow a wide range of pole mount applications. Design incorporates a dedicated ground stud that must be bonded to the nearest grounding system (or Master Ground bar) for proper surge protection function. The system wiring is installed with RJ-45 type connectors that can feed directly into the chassis without having to cut or splice or route through strain relief holes. Both enclosures include a built in cable retention feature for improved cable management. The plastic lid and base have molded fingers that grip the cables as the lid is attached. The metal enclosure has screw down clamps for maximum cable retention. In the unlikely event of surge protection self sacrifice, the individual protection cards will fail short to disrupt communication. The protection cards can be replaced for ease of service. Back to Top