3' Waveguide Antenna, LP for 6 - 8GHz frequency

Manufacturer: LigoWave
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MFG Part # PTPX-620S-ANTL3
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3' Waveguide Antenna, LP for 6 - 8GHz frequency
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3' Waveguide Ant LP for 6,7,8GHz. The PTP 620S digital radio family is composed of a LigoWave Software Controlled Smart IDU and an Outdoor Unit (ODU). The IDU is designed to be frequency independent, and the ODU is designed to be capacity independent. The PTP 620S IDU allows selection for multiple capacity options, modulation types, radio frequency channels and transmit output power levels to accommodate and adhere to world-wide regulatory and spectral efficiency requirements. The IDU supports 1 Gigabit Ethernet port for customer traffic as well as an additional Fast Ethernet port for management traffic. The IDU also supports an optional module for adding 2 E1 or 2 T1 ports to the unit for quick and easy provisioning of TDM traffic over the link. Back to Top