6' Waveguide Antenna, LP for 11- 26GHz frequency

Manufacturer: LigoWave
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MFG Part # PTPX-620S-ANT-6
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Price $2,250.00
6' Waveguide Antenna, LP for 11- 26GHz  frequency
Product Info
6' 11,13,15,18,23,26GHz Waveguide Ant LP. The LigoPTP 620S is split architecture, 7-26 GHz product platform designed to provide high capacity transmission, flexibility, and convenience for wireless communication networks. The PTP 620S digital point-to-point radios represent a new microwave radio product line that is designed to address universal applications for both Ethernet and TDM platforms. This advanced technology platform is designed to provide a flexible, cost-effective platform for customers now and into the future. Back to Top