900MHz, 11Mbps Point to Point Wireless Bridge, 14dBi Yagi Antennas, 23dBm TX/RX Power, WPA/WPA2 security, POE/PS included, - Pre-Configured - 1/2 Mile Complete Link

Manufacturer: GNS Wireless LLC.
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11Mbps, 900MHz, 1/2 Mile, Wireless Bridge,  - Complete Link
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Please Note:  This wireless non line of sight bridge package has been replaced by the GNS-1130N.

Whats included in this point to point link:

2x Outdoor Radios
2x 14dBi Yagi Antenna
2x  NM/NM Coaxial cable (5ft.)
2x Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE) | 10/100
2x Power Supply
2x 50ft. Shielded cat5e Ethernet Cable
2x Pole Mount Hardware for 1-1.5" OD mast

Bridge antennas are pre-configured for "out of the box" installation and operation. External Signal LED's will assist with alignment and troubleshooting procedures. Maximum cat5e cable to be used on each end is 250ft. (Shielded cat5e is recommended)

This Outdoor Access Point can be mounted outdoors, and connected directly to the outdoor 14dBi Yagi Antenna for maximum Wireless Range.  This unit can be powered through the integrated Power-over-Ethernet adapter that comes with the unit.  If you are looking to connect multiple locations without clear, unobstructed line of sight, then this solution will work for you.  When trees or other obstructions such as small homes or buildings are in between your two points, the GNS-1135 is the solution. 


The 900MHz Outdoor Access Point can be placed up to 300ft. away from your network, with only a single cat5 cable connecting to it.  This makes your network Installation easier to install and maintain. Each Outdoor Access Point will be configured as a Point to Point Bridge, and will only communicate with each other.  These units can be configured with AES encryption for maximum security.  This means a safer, and more secure network connection for your LAN.


This Wireless Bridge is connecting at a frequency of 900MHz, which means if you have large trees or other obstacles in the path of your Point-to-Point connection, you will still have a strong and solid wireless connection.  Simply mount the enclosure outside in the direction of your remote location, mount the yagi antenna, connect the cat5 network cable to your LAN, and you're ready for connectivity.  This bridge includes security measures of 40 and 128bit  Access Control, and WPA.

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Features at a glance
Dual Ethernet Ports: This will allow you to daisy chain radios at your installation sites. This can benefit you as an installer, as the dual Ethernet ports will allow you to plug in PoE devices such as network cameras or other Outdoor Access Points.

More Robost Routing Features: Includes Tunneling Protocol Support, which will allow you to pass through VPN clients, as well as use tunneling protocols such as VPN, PPTP, RSA and others.

All New Access Point Features: WDS will allow this Outdoor Access Point to be wirelessly connected to other Access Points, while still servicing clients. (Wireless Distribution System)

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA): Wireless Protected Access impoves on the security features of WEP. It includes impoved data encryption and user authentication.

All New Client Adapter Features: With this Outdoor Access Point, you will be able to align your client and point-to-point installations without having to log into the radio. You will get visual signal strength at a glance by using this great new feature, using the alignment LED's located on the back of the Access Point.

Controllable High Gain Output: Both radios have 25dBm maximum output. This works great for long distance Point-to-Point applications, as well as Client applications. Power can be scaled back for closer installations to avoid noise issues and to meet local regulatory requirements.

Wireless Security: WEP, WPA wireless security is included in this wireless backhaul. This will encrypt the data being sent between the connection. Also included in this wireless backhaul is AES encryption, which is a higher level security feature then standard WEP/WPA. The two radios can also be configured in PXP mode, which enables only the two outdoor access points to communicate with each other, avoiding any other access to the network. The wireless bridge operates seamlessly as a Wireless Bridge between your two locations.  Share voice wireless bridge between your two homes, share wireless router, bridge wireless router to allow remote access to files, voice and video.  Bridge wireless routers, outdoors, long range for gaming, voice and file server applications.  Point to point wireless allows you connect multiple locations, 802.11AC speed for the cheapest cost.  Cheapest wireless bridge solution for outdoors, long range and 900MHz solutions for non line of sight, and near line of sight.


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