AG2500 Access Gateway Bundle with 500 Device Capacity

Manufacturer: Nomadix
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MFG Part # 950-2500-500
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AG2500 Access Gateway Bundle with 500 Device Capacity

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AG2500 Access Gateway Bundle with 500 Device Capacity, NSE Software, 1st Year warranty, support and license

The AG 2500, Nomadix’s mid-range bandwidth management gateway is ideal for value-driven, visitor-based network venues, such as hotels with fewer than 150 rooms. With its modular pricing scheme, the Nomadix AG 2500 bandwidth management gateway is priced to provide a lower barrier of entry and the flexibility to reduce customers overall total cost of ownership.

The Nomadix AG 2500 is built upon an Intel processor that offers high-performance, low power consumption, reliability, longevity, and built-in flash memory. It is configured with both copper WAN/LAN ports and supports up to 500 mobile devices. When combined with the proven Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) Core Software, the AG 2500 becomes an appliance with unparalleled reliability. Regular software updates from Nomadix ensure that the AG 2500 access gateway is up to date and performing optimally.

Using the Nomadix NSE software engine, the Nomadix AG 2500 supports multiple authentication modes to not only enable users to connect quickly and securely to the internet but also to help business operators prevent unauthorized access. With flexible billing options for both users and business operators, the  Nomadix AG 2500 can charge by volume, time or bandwidth. The access gateway also facilitates a wide variety of options through credit card interface over SSL, RADIUS client or via secure XML API enabling, which includes more than 30 PMS types and third-party application integration. Business operators can generate revenue at every touch point with the user before, during and after connection. The AG 2500 provides customers with an access gateway that will satisfy many value-based visitor network needs – while offering the flexibility to add features suitable for applications requiring more sophisticated bandwidth management, resiliency and PMS monetization.

With its access gateways, Nomadix continues to make enhancements in areas that will improve the bottom line for hoteliers and visitor-based network providers. Bandwidth management is one of the biggest drivers of value in the hospitality arena and other venues where high-speed internet access is deployed. When bandwidth conservation is employed, operators can extend the useful life of their existing level of connectivity and slow the pace of investments in bandwidth upgrades. Nomadix understands this and is devoted to incorporating features in its access gateways to manage bandwidth actively, efficiently and fairly. Bandwidth can be managed by class of user, group, subscriber or device — or by a combination of all four.

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Subscriber Management Models
The system administrator establishes the subscriber management model via the Command Line Interface (CLI) or the Web Management Interface. These models can be changed while the Access Gateway is running (without rebooting or interrupting the service).

Free Access: If the Access Gateway is configured to disable AAA services, all subscribers will have free access to the Internet.

MAC Address:  Each computer with an Ethernet interface card has a unique MAC (hardware) address. The Access Gateway can be configured to allow access for specified MAC addresses. In this model, when a subscriber attempts to access the Internet, the Access Gateway validates the subscriber’s MAC address against a MAC authorization table. If the MAC address is verified, the Access Gateway authorizes access to the Internet. A possible scenario for using this model is to allow Internet access to administrative personnel in all locations.

User Name and Password:  Each subscriber can choose a unique user name and password (and be charged for it). In this model, when a subscriber attempts to access the Internet, they are prompted for the user name and password before access is authorized. Possible scenarios in which this model is appropriate include allowing subscribers to use more than one computer or when subscribers want to move between locations.

Credit Card:  In this model, when subscribers connect to the network and attempt to access the Internet, they are prompted for their credit card information. The Access Gateway is pre-configured to use the Authorize.Net service and you will need to open a merchant trading account with them before using this subscriber management model.

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