Universal Mounts

The Universal Antenna Mount is a one of a kind mounting solution enabling consumers and professionals to easily install many different types of outdoor antennas in a variety of different mounting situations.
GNS-1533, 8" Wall Mount Standoff Antenna Bracket

8" Wall Mount, Standoff Antenna Bracket

Part #: GNS-1533

Price: $18.95

The Universal Antenna Mount will accommodate most brand and styles of outdoor TV, Wi-Fi antennas, cellular antennas, and other misc. antennas. The Mast section, or J-pipe of the mount is available in either 15" or 23" length, allowing for clearance on most pitched roofs or to extend above a wall. The mounting plate was designed to be installed on angled and/or pitched surface, flat wall, or beam, while maintaining a vertical positioned mast.
  • Attractive Styling
  • Full 90 Deg Tilt Adjustment 
  • 1.5” Dia Heavy Duty Steel Pipe for Greater Strength
  • Extremely Versatile
  • 2 sets of pipe mount holes for added installation flexibility
  • Accepts standard PAW U-Bolt for mounting to poles (UM-UB).
  • Galvanized steel and powder coat painted
Universal Antenna Mount Supported Antennas:
The GNS Wireless Universal Antenna Mount consists of a universal bracket and choice of 2 different length 1.5 inch mounting tube for the most demanding customer premises antenna mounting applications. The construction is better than many of these type of mounts which are only light gauge painted steel. The GNS Wireless antenna mounts are heavier gauge steel which goes thru a galvanization (plating) process and then are powder coat painted for extra protection from the elements. Fasteners used are stainless steel which will connect the J-Pipe to the wall/roof mount bracket. The mounting tubes have 2 sets of holes to give maximum angular flexibility during installations. The mounting systems feature a universal mounting bracket with a full 90 degrees of tilt which allows for greater versatility when dealing with the variety of installation challenges found at customer sites.  The GNS Wireless universal antenna mount is similar to the Ubiquiti mount, UB-AM.  For more information on these type of mounting solution, or if you require a custom network solution, please contact GNS Wireless at 877-209-5152.
The GNS Wireless Universal Antenna Mount has a low profile and attractive styling make it ideal for installations on various styles of buildings and in all neighborhoods, including upscale neighborhoods.