AW900-SPEC, 900MHz Site Survey Spectrum Analyzer

Manufacturer: AvaLan Wireless
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MFG Part # AW900-SPEC
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Price $499.99
900MHz Site Survey Spectrum Analyzer
Product Info
AW900-SPEC 900 MHz Site Survey - Spectrum Analyzer

The AvaLAN AW900-SPEC uses our 900 MHz radio receiver and spectrum analysis functionality to provide you with a sensitive site survey tool in a rugged weatherproof enclosure.

Now you can take the mystery out of wireless technology through the use of a network addressable spectrum analyzer offered by AvaLAN Wireless. Different from other spectrum analyzers, this new product offers a simple visual picture of what is in the RF environment.

Network addressability means that the spectrum analyzer can be installed at the customer’s site and logged into from your office. Having this product at the customer’s site can help to limit or minimize customer support and service calls, saving time and money.

What was previously a “mystery” is now solved with a quick glance to see if a particular frequency is being used or is polluted with other wireless traffic.Fully web browser interfaced, this tool is a quick way to improve your installations and provide better service to your customers.

  • IP Addressable for easy connection to TCP/IP networks
  • Built-in browser interface
  • Tunes from 879 to 945 MHz in 500 KHz steps
  • -97 dBm sensitivity (0.2 nanoWatts)
  • Can average up to 256 samples per point
  • Logarithmic graph of peak and average power vs. frequency
  • Mount outdoors
  • 2.5 dBi omnidirectional flexible antenna included or use any of our other 900 MHz antennas
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