900MHz, 90Mbps Point to Point Wireless Bridge, 12dBi Panel Antennas, 27dBm TX Power, WPA/WPA2, POE included, - Pre-Configured - 3/4 Mile Complete Link

Manufacturer: GNS Wireless LLC.
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90Mbps NLOS Wireless Bridge, 3/4 Mile Distance, Complete Link

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Whats included in this NLOS point to point bridge:

2x Outdoor 802.11N 900MHz Bridge Radios
2x Flat Panel Antenna (Dual Polarized)
4x Coaxial Pigtail Cables
2x Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE) | 10/100
2x Power Supply
2x 50ft. Shielded cat5e Ethernet Cable
2x Pole Mount Hardware for 1-1.5" OD mast

Bridge Radios with external patch antennas are pre-configured for "out of the box" installation and operation. External Signal LED's will assist with alignment and troubleshooting procedures before and after installation.  This pre-packaged bridge kit includes a pair of 50ft. shielded Ethernet cables.  (maximum length is 250ft.)

The 900Mhz Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Bridge is recommended as a last resort for point to point networks when 2.4GHz or 5GHz is not available due to interference or obstructions between your locations. Up to 150Mbps Aggregate data rate can be achieved when line of sight is clear, and unobstructed, with distance less then 1/2 mile.  Maximum distance with line of sight only.  Trees and other obstructions reduce distance, speed, and increase latency.   The high power of 28dBm on these radios with adjustable output for closer installations will help tune the link so it works for your particular application. The external 12dBi panel antennas connect via the included coaxial cables.  This wireless bridge kit Includes WPA2 Security for maximum data encryption, and Power over Ethernet.   This GNS-1139HP is sold as a Complete Link.

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Basic Description for the NLOS Wireless Bridge:

This 900MHz Point to Point Wireless Bridge includes a pair of outdoor access points configured in a PTP wireless bridge mode for connecting two locations.  The external 12dBi directional patch antennas provide for long distance when line of sight is available.  Non Line of sight distance will vary based on your specific application.  Once the AP's are installed at each location, the Wireless Bridge operates as a transparent bridge, and will pass all network traffic between your two locations included VoIP, VLAN tagged frames, and DHCP.  The Wireless Bridge operates similar to an invisible Ethernet cable connecting your two locations.  Each antenna has a beam width of about 50°, so aligning the antennas is easy.  Furthermore, you will have the ability to view real time signal strength, link quality, and noise level, using the web based configuration via the IP address of each radio.  Each radio has a static IP address of and, used strictly for web based configuration, and troubleshooting.


Connecting the 900MHz Bridge to your Network:

To connect the outdoor access point to your network at each location, a single Cat5 Ethernet cable is used.  A 50ft. cable is included for each location.  (If you need more cable, a maximum length of up to 250ft. can be used)  The Cat5 Ethernet cable connects directly from the outdoor access point using a weatherproof grommet,  to an indoor POE (Power-over-Ethernet) injector.  The POE injector plugs into a standard AC outlet for power, and another Cat5 Ethernet cable connects from the POE injector to your network (Router/PC/Switch etc.)

At the SOURCE location, you will typically connect to an open LAN port on the back of your existing router, or switch.  At the DESTINATION location, you can connect either directly to a PC if you only have a single computer, or you can connect to an indoor wired/wireless router, switch, or any other network device with an ethernet port.  This will allow you to run multiple computers over the 900MHz wireless bridge.


Maximum Range & Interference using 900MHz:

With clear, un-obstructed line of sight between your two locations, a maximum range of 3/4 mile can be achieved using this link.  When trees are present between your two locations, maximum distance is estimated at 1/4 mile, but will vary based on your application.  (Please note that exact distance with obstruction may depend on external interference) Please note that because this Point to Point Wireless Bridge operates at 900MHz, external interference from other cellular networks may slow down the transmission speed of the link, and even cause dropouts.  To avoid interference between the Point to Point Wireless Bridge, and indoor wireless routers, or access points that may be present at each of your locations, you want to install the antennas as high as possible, and avoid as much obstruction as possible.


Each access point has a 27dBm maximum output power.  This works great for long distance Point-to-Point applications, as well as Client applications.  Power can be scaled back for closer installations to avoid noise issues and to meet local regulatory requirements.


Security Features:

This Wireless Point to Point bridge operates as a transparent bridge.  It is similar to an invisible Ethernet cable connecting your two locations.  It includes multiple security options including WEP/WPA/WPA2.  It also has ability to enable MAC address authentication so that only the two access points are able communicate.  You can hide the network SSID, and because the beam width of the antennas is directional, (about 50°) the signal is not being broadcasted in all directions, only in the direction you aim the outdoor antenna.

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