PTP-620HP-MUX, LigoMUX 16 for PTP620HP-IDU 16 E1/T1 MUX

Manufacturer: LigoWave
Part #
MFG Part # PTP-620HP-MUX
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Price $1,000.00
LigoMUX 16 for PTP620HP-IDU 16 E1/T1 MUX
Product Info
LigoMUX16 is an external multiplexer module that provides E1/T1 extension for the IDU (indoor unit) of LigoPTP 620HP microwave licensed-band equipment. The module allows multiplexing up to 16 E1/T1 circuits. LigoMUX 16 has 16 x E1/T1 built-in ports and 2 x SFP 1000 Base-SX ports. It is a really compact and easy to configure device (configuration is done via LigoPTP 620HP unit) and has scalable design which can be extended for up to 32 x E1/T1 ports.


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