GNS-1485, 2.4GHz, 300Mbps, Wi-Fi Hotspot Package, 800mW Outdoor Access Point, 16dBi Dual Polarized Sector Antenna, Accessories included - 750ft.+ Range

Manufacturer: GNS Wireless LLC.
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MFG Part # Wireless Hotspot
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2.4GHz, 802.11N, 120º, Wireless Hotspot - 750ft. Range, 16dBi
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Whats included in this wireless hotspot equipment package:

1x Outdoor, Weatherproof, 802.11N, 250mW, 300Mbps Access Point
1x 16dBi, 2.4GHz, Dual Polarized 120º Sectorized Panel Antenna (N-Female)
1x POE/PS (Power-over-Ethernet)
1x Pole Mount Hardware for 1-2.5" OD mast
1x 25ft. Cat5e Ethernet cable
1x Inline Surge Arrestor (RF45/RJ45)
2x RPSMA-Male to RPSMA-Male Coaxial Pigtail Cable

This wireless hotspot equipment package is designed for coverage in 1 direction.  Using a sectorized panel antenna provides longer range, and better signal within the 120 degree area.  We use this package when the main office is located at one end of the park, and you only need coverage in 1 direction.  This package also reduces interference from neighboring Wi-Fi systems in the area.   If your application requires 360 degree coverage, (broadcasting a signal in all directions), and you want the strongest signal possible, purchase 3 of the GNS-1485 packages, which will create a high power, long range, wireless hotspot.  This will allow you to mount 3 antennas, and 3 connected access points on the same pole, each pointing in a different direction for maximum range.  Contact us for more information.

The GNS-1485 hotspot equipment package is customized for owners who are looking to add Wi-Fi to their location, where speed and reliability is equally important. This package, although cost effective, can be the basis of your Wireless Hotspot if you plan to expand the Wireless Network in the future, either by extending the range, or by increasing the # of available clients connected to the network.  This package greatly extends the wireless network in one direction, of 120 Degrees.  120º sector antenna extends range, reduces interference, and allows maximum coverage of your outdoor wireless network.  External Signal LED's will assist with alignment and troubleshooting procedures. Maximum distance Access Point can be placed away from your router is 250ft. (Shielded cat5e is recommended).  There is a 1 year warranty on all items, which includes lifetime technical support.

This wifi hotspot package can ship pre-configured for "out of the box" installation.  Please contact us for details. The included access point is enclosed in a outdoor, weatherproof enclosure, enabling you to mount it outside next to the included antenna(s). The AP is powered via a POE injector, which is included. We recommend using sheilded cat5e cables when connecting to this device. Pole mount hardware is also included for both the AP and Antennas. The Access Point has web based configuration, meaning that the default IP address will allow you to manage the settings. SSID, Security type/phrase, power settings, and network settings can be changed using this IP address.

Basic Description:
This 802.11B/G/N Wi-Fi Hotspot includes a high gain 16dBi, 120º, sectorized panel antenna that operates at 2.4GHz.  The pole mount hardware, POE injector, and power supply are included. This Wi-Fi Hotspot will enable you to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal up to 1000ft., assuming clear, unobstructed line of sight to your end user. With the built in amplifier, maximum power of 250mW will help to reach extended areas, or applications which have more obstructions. Because the outdoor access point can be installed outdoors, it is recommend to position the access point on the same pole as the sector antenna.  Keeping it in close proximity of the antenna will maximize signal and reliability.  The included coaxial cable will allow you to mount the access point directly behind the sectorized antenna for maximum range, and ease of installation.  If you feel you need longer coaxial cable, please contact us.   This wireless hotspot package will allow you to reach RV's, Campers, or boat slips that are 1000ft. away, with minimal obstruction. If you have a particular applicationi you would like to discuss, please contact us anytime.

Connection to Network:
To connect the access point to your network a single Cat5 Ethernet cable is used. A 25ft. cable is included for this hotspot package. (If you need more cable, a maximum length of up to 250ft. can be used) The Cat5 Ethernet cable connects directly from the outdoor access point using a weatherproof grommet, to an indoor POE (Power-over-Ethernet) injector. The POE injector plugs into a standard AC outlet for power, and another Cat5 Ethernet cable connects from the POE injector to your network (Router/PC/Switch etc.)º Back to Top
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Add'l Info
Security Features:
This Wi-Fi Hotspot package includes multiple security options including WEP/WPA/WPA2. It also has ability to enable MAC address authentication so that only enabled devices have access to the wireless network. You can also hide the network SSID.

If you have any other questions, please contact our Pre-Sales/Technical Support Dept. at (516) 214-0321. Ask us about pre-configuration of these Access Points, so they work "out of the box" and ready to install on your local area network.

Note: Distance estimates are assuming Line-of-Sight is available for your application. If you have obstructions then please take a look at our pre-packaged NLOS (Non Line-of-Sight) Wireless Hotspots, or use a higher transmit power radio. For point to point wireless network setups greater then 100ft, line of sight is always recommended.

Maximum Range & Interference:
With clear, un-obstructed line of sight at your location a maximum range of 1000ft. can be achieved using this package.  Typical results are between 100ft. and 500ft. using this type of Wi-Fi Hotspot package. Most campground, RV parks, and Marinas will see about a 300ft. to 500ft. range due to the amount of interference in a typical RV Park, or Marine envirnment.  To extend coverage beyond this distance, additional Access Points can be added, therefore extending the coverage area of your wireless network at your discretion. Generally, this is referred to as a "wireless repeater". If you plan to grow your Wireless Hotspot in the future, there is no need to replace the existing equipment, saving you time and money when it comes time to upgrade the WiFi network. Additional Access Points are recommend for areas larger then 2000ft in diameter. A typical wifi laptop card will get a range of about 300-700ft. from a high power access point. This antenna works great for start-up WISP's, small RV-Parks, Campgrounds, or Marinas.

Each access point has a 30dBm maximum output power. This is adequate for short range applications, or smaller campgrounds and marinas. Power can be scaled back for closer installations to avoid noise issues and to meet local regulatory requirements.

For applications that require transfer of very large files, video transmission, or large amounts VoIP (Voice over IP) traffic, it is recommended that you choose this 802.11N Wi-Fi Hotspot.


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