PM-6000, Praxsym T-Meter Broadband Wireless Power Meter for 6GHz Frequency bands

Manufacturer: Praxsym
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MFG Part # PM-6000
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Praxsym Broadband Wireless Power Meter for 6GHz Frequency
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The heart of the unit is an RF assembly built around a proprietary bi-directional RF power sensor designed specifically to cover the 6 GHz bands. The sensor consists of series connected couplers; one senses forward signal strength - the other senses reflected signal strength. Twin leveling-loop circuits keep a pair of detection diodes at fixed potentials, maintaining conduction in each diode's square-law region. The design minimizes modulation error while maintaining a fast response time. Readings from both detection circuits are converted by a microcontroller to generate the display readings. Each frequency band has been independently calibrated at the factory over the -10 to 50 degrees C temperature range and the data stored in the microcontroller's integrated EEPROM. Back to Top
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