PTP800/810 Modem Capacity CAP - 150 Mbps (per Unit)

Manufacturer: Cambium Networks
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PTP800/810 Modem Capacity CAP - 150 Mbps (per Unit)
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PTP800/810 Modem Capacity CAP - 150 Mbps (per Unit)

PTP 800 Licensed Microwave solutions are available in various RF bands between 6 and 38 GHz with user-configurable channel bandwidths from 7 to 56 MHz. This split-mount architecture includes an Outdoor Unit (ODU) and a Compact Modem Unit (CMU), the ODU and CMU are connected by a single intermediate frequency (IF) cable. ODU and CMU sold separately. All PTP 800 Compact Modem Units are shipped with a factory-set 10 Mbps capacity, you can upgrade the throughput capacity from 10 Mbps to 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 Mbps or to full capacity (364 Mbps full duplex) without any change to the hardware.

The PTP800/810 feature set is ideally suited for a variety of business-critical functions such as building-to-building connectivity, disaster recovery, backhaul, redundancy and/or additional capacity for wired networks, last-mile fiber extensions and video surveillance. Back to Top
Add'l Info

1+1 - Includes 1+1 Hot Standby links, 2+0 redundant links in a ring or mesh configuration plus non-redundant links. Hot Standby links are designed to provide full redundancy in the event of a single Compact Modem Unit (CMU) or an Outdoor Unit (ODU) failure at one or both ends of the link.

Effective system design - With the smallest Compact Modem Unit (CMU) in the industry, the small form factor design helps remove customer dependency on rack space.

Capacity as you grow throughput - Flexible stepping options allow operators to purchase a standard 10 Mbps factory set cap and then increase capacity as needed based on throughput demands ensuring exceptional scalability.

Asymmetric control - Where users download more information than they upload, operators can assign different throughput capacities for the up and down links.

No surprises link planning - Optimize licensed link performance prior to purchase and gain a complete view of your network via Google Earth with the PTP LINKPlanner. This tool also provides a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) that lists all equipment required for the deployment simplifying the order process and providing important link information needed for FCC and other regulatory bodies.

Security Options

FIPS-197 128/256-bit AES encryption

FIPS 140-2

Low Latency < 115us @ full capacity with 64 bytes

Flexible network management - Remote management via web browser. Optional Cambium Wireless Manager or other third party tools are available for management purposes.

"Zero-Downtime" Adaptive Modulation - Automatic shifting of modulation and/or coding rate as radio path conditions change enable transmitters and receivers to negotiate highest mutually sustainable data rate.

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