TT2400 2.4GHz Outdoor Access Point, 1000mW, POE Included, NF Connector

Manufacturer: Teletronics
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MFG Part # TT2400AP-1W
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TT2400-1W, 2.4GHz Outdoor Access Point, 1000mW, POE, NF
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TT2400 High Power 1W SU This Outdoor Access Point is Flexible and easy to deploy. The TT2400-1W delivers outstanding performance in a simple, cost-effective package. The TT2400-1W is designed to provide high-performance connectivity for wide-area networks and to enable immediate cost-effective deployment of public and/or private WLAN networks for service providers and enterprises. This Outdoor Unit can be deployed quickly for startup Hotspots, or other small to midsized Wireless ISP's. Its web based management function allows you to manage your Wireless Hotspot from anywhere providing ease of use. The TT2400 comes default with a 200mW output power that will allow you to connect high gain antennas to provide maximum coverage. Back to Top
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Add'l Info

Pre-Configuration is available on this product.

This item can be pre-configured by our in-house engineers prior to shipping, for "out of the box" installation.  Once you receive the products, if you or your tech have any questions, our technical support team is available to further assist you with the installation. 

Pre-Configuration Services included (but not limited to):

  • Upgrade the firmware of your product to the latest version
  • IP address/Subnet Mask/Default Gateway
  • Encryption type/phrase
  • Network Name (SSID)
  • Router configuration
  • Radio configuration
  • Channel selection/configuration
  • TX/RX Transmit Power Control

To get started with our pre-configuration services, please contact us.

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