3G/4G/LTE Cellular Amplifiers

GNS Wireless stocks a variety of cellular amplifiers and mobile amplifiers from weBoost (formally Wilson Electronics).  While still offering the same 2-year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee, weBoost cell phone signal boosters come in two main categories: Home & Office Signal Boosters and Vehicle Signal Boosters.

Home & Office cellular amplifiers and signal boosters are usually fixed installations but offer more power for homes, offices, cabins, farms, stations, warehouses, and other large areas. Products range from 1-2 room coverage to a large area up to 10,000 sq ft.

Vehicle signal boosters are simple plug-and-play installations with versatile antennas that pick up weak signal from all directions for cars, boats, trucks, and RVs. Products range from single to multi-user and professional grade.

All products come with a 2 year warranty and 30 day money guarantee.  For people new to cell phone signal boosters and need a starting point, please contact GNS Wireless today at 877-209-5152

Cell phone signal boosters, including wireless repeaters, inline cell phone boosters (amplifiers), and cellular amplifiers, extend cellular service in poor coverage areas by amplifying both transmit and receive signals. These cell signal booster amplifiers reduce problems with dropped calls and signal fades while improving service range, voice quality and access. These multi-mode amplifiers are designed to offer a cost-effective solution for use in buildings and mobile installations.

New features include:

  • Automatic gain control for home signal boosters that instantly adjusts for best signal strength instead of manually turning knobs like previous Wilson mobile amplifiers.
  • Re-designed car cradle signal boosters with wider arms to accommodate bigger phones such as iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4, and other smart phones.
  • All products have been visually upgraded to feature sleeker designs that bring weBoost into the 21st century.

Cellular amplifiers help you boost your cell phone signal up to 32x its current strength, giving you crystal clear call quality and up to 4G LTE speeds where you once had poor coverage, no matter your cell phone provider. Mobile amplifiers provides boosters that are trusted by everyone from homeowners and business professionals to search and rescue teams and police stations. You get the most powerful cellular signal booster available, so you’re always within reach when it matters most.  Search and shop by category to find the best signal booster for your specific needs.

High Gain Cellular amplifiers are designed for maximum RF performance in the Cellular Bands using the latest 3G and 4G technologies. The materials used in construction are the highest grade of UV and corrosion resistant plastics and alloys which provide a weather proof maintenance free experience. Beam directional cellular antennas provide a limited beam radiation pattern for sending and receiving cellular signals. 

For any questions or comments, call us at 877-209-5152or email at sales@gnswireless.com.  A trained & certified wireless network engineer representative will assist you with your mobile amplifier application.