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Wireless (Wi-Fi) Hotspot

Wireless Hotspots (Wi-Fi) and Commerial WLAN

Diagram 1: Connecting an outdoor Access Point to your existing router for increased Wi-Fi range.

With Wireless Access becoming easier then ever, customers are looking to be online everywhere they go.  GNS Wireless Hotspot equipment packages are deployable Wi-Fi solutions that will cover your Marina, RV-Park, Campground, Restaurant, or Hotel with secure, reliable, high speed internet access.  You will be able to successfully provide Wi-Fi Internet access to a large number of users, all while maintaining control of the network.  All that is required at your location is High Speed Internet service such as Cable, DSL, or Satellite.

GNS Wireless can offer you Wireless equipment that will enable you to charge your customers a fee for Wireless Access, or you can offer Wireless Internet Access for free.  The configuration of your Wireless Hotspot (Wi-Fi) is always up to you.

Please view our Pre-Packaged Wireless Hotspot Solutions.  If you don’t find what you need, or are unsure about what will work best for your application, please contact us.  We also offer pre-configuration of any wireless hotspot.  Contact us for details.  GNS Wireless Hotspots provide long range, plug and play wireless network equipment that send an Internet connection throughout a hotel, campground, marina—and any other large indoor or outdoor areas for “out of the box” installation.

GNS Wireless Hotspot Tip:  When choosing to implement a Wireless Hotspot, choose an outdoor Access Point that has a high power output.  This will limit your signal loss, and increase your coverage area.  The basic packages that we offer below are recommended to be used with an Access Point of 60mW output power or higher for best results. Contact us anytime for reliable technical support, and product recommendation.  Call Now (516) 214-0321

Please note:  The distance that you will get when communicating directly to laptop users will be drastically lower then communicating between two high gain antennas.  This is due to the fact that the majority of laptop WiFi cards have a low transmit power.  To compensate for this, we recommend you install more then one Access Point in an area such as a campground, RV resort, or Marina.  By spreading the coverage area beyond a single antenna, you will increase the range that your customers can connect.  The more antennas that your customers have the option to connect to, the better their signal will be, and therefore the faster their Internet connection will be.  Please contact us for more information.