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Wi-Fi Hotspot Equipment

Outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspot Equipment Packages | Plug-N-Play Wi-Fi

GNS Wireless stocks and supports all the wireless equipment you need in order to open or create a GNS Wireless Network Hotspot at your location. The wireless hotspot kits are pre-packaged for ease of installation and can be pre-configured for plug-n-play installation.  If you require a custom wireless network solution, please contact us today.

The reality is that anyone can set up a hotspot. If you live in a block of flats or on a street and you want to share your ADSL with the neighbors, Wi-Fi hotspot equipment can be set up and installed at very little cost and will provide a source of revenue. All wireless equipment include a 30 day guarantee, with unlimited technical support. If you have a campground, RV Park, or Marina and would like to upgrade your wireless network for better guest access, please contact GNS Wireless for a free analysis today.  (877) 209-5152

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Wi-Fi hotspot considerations

  1. Do you currently have a Internet connection available? (DSL/Cable/Satellite)
  2. What Internet speeds are available?
  3. How many consecutive users will be on the wireless network at any given time?
  4. What coverage am I trying to achieve? – Partial area, or entire park/marina
  5. How do I control bandwidth?
  6. What equipment do I need for a hotspot? – Complete package/Self install
  7. Is technical support included?

Installing Wi-Fi hotspot equipment does not come cheap, yet the benefits usually outweigh the costs. Typical operating costs you should anticipate while installing and hosting your Wi-Fi hotspot are as follows:

  • Internet service: $50 or more per month
  • Equipment: $500+ onetime fee
  • Installation: 1–3 days of your time
  • Ongoing support: As little as a few hours every couple of months

If you do not already have an Internet connection available for the wireless hotspot kit, that will be one of your first expenses. Business-class Internet service prices and terms depend on the type of service and features among the various ISPs around the country.  If Cable/DSL/Satellite internet is not available in your area, please contact GNS Wireless about a Point to Point Wireless Backhaul for internet connectivity.
The cost of the equipment, or hardware, for your Wi-Fi hotspot equipment varies significantly depending on the size and type of hotspot you plan to install.  Larger Marinas, and campgrounds will need multiple wireless repeaters to supply complete coverage.  If obstructions are present in your area, such as trees, or large boats at Marinas, then higher power access points should be installed.  GNS Wireless can recommend exactly what type of product should be used and where they should be placed. 

No Charge Wi-Fi Hotspot Equipment

This is the most popular type of installation for campgrounds, RV Parks and Marinas that do not wish to charge guests for wifi usage.  This involves installing Wi-Fi hotspot equipment throughout the area, and connecting it back to the central internet modem, free for the guests to utilize.  Typically we recommend deploying a WPA/WPA2 security password so that outside guests do not have access to your brand new wireless network.  This type of installation requires the least amount of overhead and administration.  GNS can provide a line item quote for everything you would need in order to improve your RV Park, or Campground wireless network.  The wireless hotspot kit is easy to install and ready to deploy "out of the box"

Charging guests for WiFi usage

In order to charge your guests for usage, sometimes referred to as pay-as-you-go, a simple hotspot gateway can be added to your network.  This will allow you to create custom user names and passwords per guest, and create bandwidth limits.  Custom Internet hotspot gateways will allow you to charge users online, and you control the rates, and keep the profit.  This type of setup requires more administration and sometimes will require an onsite tech to maintain the network.  The type of Wi-Fi hotspot equipment does not change, and the gateway can be added at any time.
GNS Wireless offers complete systems for both DIYs and enterprise city-wide WiFi hotspot solutions.   We not only sell the equipment but offer sales and support before/during and after the installation.  Our technical support staff is familiar with all Wi-Fi hotspot equipment products.  For a free site evaluation, please email our technical support department with the address of your venue, and someone will get back to you right away.