Wi-Fi Hotspots & Commercial WLAN

Is your Campground, RV Park, Marina or other outdoor area have outdoor WiFi access?  More visitors are not only expecting great WiFi service, but actually requiring it where they stay.

GNS Wireless will design, provide and support a high performance WiFi network using 802.11N wireless equipment, for your campground, RV Park, or Marina.  Utilizing state of the art antenna and radio technology, NEMA rated heated and/or cooled enclosures, we provide superior outdoor wireless range and bandwidth to meet the needs of your particular application.  GNS Wireless also provides industrial grade wireless network solutions for warehouses, scrap yards, construction sites, and sporting venues.

GNS Wireless offers various wireless network solutions:

  • Campground WiFi
  • Campground wireless solutions
  • Campground WiFi equipment
  • RV Park WiFi
  • RV Park wireless solutions
  • Marina WiFi
  • Marina wireless network equipment
  • Long range outdoor wireless networks
  • Sporting venue wireless networks
  • Construction yard wireless networking

GNS Wireless offers pre-packaged, commercial grade wireless hotspot solutions for RV Parks, Campgrounds, Marinas, and other outdoor venues. We supply you with all the equipment you need to provide a long range Wi-Fi signal at  your indoor/outdoor location.  We also provide configuration, design and installation services.  We will assist in product recommendation, design layout, and include technical support after products are installed.

Long Range, Outdoor Wireless Network Products:
The following pre-packaged Hotspots provide long range, plug and play wireless network equipment that has the ability to cover an outdoor area, such as an RV Park, Campground, Marina, or other outdoor venue, with reliable, high speed Internet access.   We provide pre-configuration services that allow you to operate the gear "out of the box".

Pre-packaged Wireless Hotspot equipment will include all the components you need to broadcast a long range, wireless network.  This includes the outdoor access point, antennas, lightning arrestors, coaxial cables, mounting hardware, cat5e cable, and optional routers to control bandwidth limiting.  The typical installation will require only a basic technician, or handy man to install the equipment.  Because the access point is pre-configured, and the cat5e cables are pre-terminated, installation time can be reduced to within a few hours depending on the type of application.

We provide technical support before, during and after the installation.  Our technical support department will spend as much time as required to make sure your installation goes smoothly.  If you or your installer has questions, they can contact us anytime.  Also included is a wiring schematic, and overview diagram that will be included with your order.  This will allow you to position the equipment quickly and effectively.  All devices will be labeled accordingly for your installation reference.

GNS Wireless has many successful installations in campgrounds, Marinas, RV Parks, Sporting events, and other recreational areas.   By emailing our support department a overview of your application, our technicians can provide a professional survey to include exactly what equipment you require.  Some park owners minimize their cost by just covering a main office or rec hall or general meeting area with WiFi and allowing their guests to bring their laptops to browse the internet. Others try to cover as much of their park as possible.  We can provide a solution for either scenerio.

Optional hotspot gateways can also be included to allow you to charge guests a prepaid rate that you choose.  Additional options include bandwidth control, link advertisement, terms of service agreements, and per customer username and password requirements.  Many park owners choose to avoid the added cost of the hotspot gateway and secure the network with a WPA/WPA2 security encyption password, which can be changed at anytime.

To Get Started:

  1. Email us the address or aerial view of your Campground/RV Park/Marina or other outdoor venue.
  2. A GNS Wireless technician will examine your application and go over your Wi-Fi coverage options.
  3. We will then provide product recommendations and email a line item quote for your review.
  4. Once approved, we will begin product configuration per your specification.
  5. Equipment is tested, labeled accordingly, packaged and shipped to your address.
  6. The items are now ready to install "out of the box".
  7. A detailed overview map, product installation diagrams, and wiring schematics are included with your new equipment to make the installation process go smoothly.  Technical support is included so you can contact us with any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise before/during and after the installation.

Contact us today to get started, or send an email to support@gnswireless.com