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Ethernet Switches

Network Switches

GNS Wireless stocks a wide variety of managed and unmanaged ethernet switches.  Ranging from 5 port desktop switches to 48 port rack mount switches.  GNS Wireless also stocks a variety of POE capable switches that offer seamless integration of 802.3af compliant powered devices and devices that require passive POE.  Most passive POE switches are 24V, where the IEEE 802.3af compliant devices require 48V.  POE, or power over ethernet switches operate by sending both electrical power and data in one single cable allowing you to expand your network where there is no power outlets.  Such an example would be when you need to place a IP camera, or wireless access point on the roof of a building.  Please contact GNS Wireless directly at (516) 214-0321 for more information about buying network switches.

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