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Mimosa B5 Wireless Backhaul Antennas available from GNS Wireless

Mimosa wireless backhauls provide the next generation of Wi-Fi hardware, designed for outdoor use, at long distances and with robust speeds.  Wi-Fi is no longer just for your smartphone.  Mimosa’s wireless technology picks up where fiber leaves off to reliably connect homes and businesses in areas where fiber can’t practically reach. Mimosa PtP wireless backhauls use simple configuration menus, with auto-adjust features that allow for fast installation on roof tops and towers. Mimosa wireless backhaul B5-Lite compares with Ubiquiti AC wireless bridge.  Both Ubiquiti and Mimosa 802.11AC bridge antennas use channel widths up to 80 MHz which allow for 802.11AC speeds, at distances up to 5 miles. 

GNS Wireless is now stocking the B5 Integrated Mimosa wireless backhaul, as well as the B5-Lite Integrated backhaul, and B5C which both support the full 5.1GHz to 5.8GHz spectrum.  Unlicensed wireless point to point backhaul has never been easier.  Please contact us if you’d like more information on our Mimosa wireless point to point antennas, bridge solutions, and Ethernet radios.

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Mimosa Wireless employs a comprehensive “Cloud to Client” strategy, using coordinated Massive MIMO and intelligent spectrum technology, Mimosa brings unique advancements to every layer of the Internet access network, making wireless a scalable solution, for any community, in any locale.  Mimosa wireless backhaul B5 uses an integrated 25 dBi antenna, however the size is quite small, at only about 18" round.  This allows for quicker installation times, saving your customer money.