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NLOS Wireless Bridge Kits

900 MHz for Non Line-of-Sight Wireless Network Bridge Kits

Connecting 2 or more locations through trees?

Use 900 MHz for fast, reliable, point to point network data links.  We have the GNS-1138HP in stock.

GNS Wireless offers complete packages for non line of sight, 900 MHz point to point wireless applications.  900 MHz is the only true frequency that will allow you to create a connection between 2 or more locations when trees are blocking the Fresnel zone.   Although 900 MHz is the best for obstruction penetration, contact us directly when attempting to send a signal through physical buildings, roof tops, or other structures that may be in the way.  This frequency should be used as a last resort, when line of sight is not possible.

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A 900 MHZ wireless bridge link is perfect to connect a fairground area where local chamber events are held, back to the main office, or network center. If the distance is less then 1800ft, and fewer than 50% trees blocking line of sight, choose a 900 MHz link for a reliable connection. We use this type of link to supply merchants of the fairground internet access for credit card processing and customer data access. 2.4 GHz was not an option as Cablevision has multiple, high power, 2.4 GHz wireless hotspots between our roof top and the fairground. The 900MHz wireless Ethernet bridge has worked flawlessly. Contact us for more information.

900 MHz Wireless Network Bridge Kit Basic Description:

The 900 MHz Wireless Bridge includes a pair of outdoor access points, that have an integrated directional patch antenna, typically between 11-18 dBi, built into the enclosure. This means that only a single cat5e cable is required to power the antennas at each location. Once the AP's are installed at on the roof top or window ledge, the 900 MHz antennas operate as a transparent bridge, and will pass all network traffic between your two locations. The Wireless Network Bridge operates similar to an invisible Ethernet cable connecting your two locations. Each antenna has a beam width between 10- 40°, so aligning the antennas is easy. Furthermore, you will have the ability to view real time signal strength, link quality, and noise level, using the web based configuration. Each bridge antenna has a static IP address, used strictly for web based configuration, and troubleshooting.

900 MHz Wireless Bridge Obstruction Penetration:

900 MHz radios have the ability to diffract around/over some obstacles like buildings or trees. The radio signal should, however, be given enough room to spread out. As we like to explain to customers, using a 900 MHz non line of sight wireless Ethernet Bridge is a not a cure all with obstructions. These non line of sight links will not penetrate anything and everything with unlimited distance. Using a GNS-1130N 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge under ideal circumstances, radios can reach up to 1 Mile. Under typical circumstances, with 500ft. of trees, and 2 roof tops to penetrate, and actual distance of 1/4 mile or less is recommended. Refer to our setup diagram for more information about setting up a point to point wireless bridge or contact us if you have any questions.

900 MHz Wireless Bridge Maximum Range & Interference:

With clear, un-obstructed line of sight between your two locations, a maximum range of 1/4 mile is recommended, in order for the link to be reliable with no line of sight. The more trees or shrubs you have between your locations, the weaker the signal will become. (Please note that exact distance with obstruction may depend on external interference) This Point to Point Wireless Bridge operates at 900MHz, external interference from other cellular networks may slow down the transmission speed of the link, and even cause dropouts. To avoid interference between the Point to Point Wireless Bridge, and indoor wireless routers, or access points that may be present at each of your locations, you want to install the antennas as high as possible, and avoid as much obstruction as possible. When conducting your site survey, note any cell towers, or emergency response antennas, that may be operating at similar or nearby frequencies, such as 700-900 MHz.

GNS Wireless offers a wide range of 900 MHz wireless network bridges and other 900 MHz Radios (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint) and for long distance high throughput networks as well. We carry both outdoor NEMA4 enclosed radios and indoor 802.11AC wireless routers. Our offerings include the GNS-1130N, a simple point-to-point plug & play outdoor wireless radio. We also offer the longer range GNS-1138HP, a point-to-point radio with higher TX power, and smaller patch antenna, which now includes a built in POE injector for faster deployment. For more information on any of these NLOS WiFi solutions, please contact GNS Wireless at 877-209-5152.

>900 MHz wireless bridge antennas are license free, and include all the basic security features similar to other more popular Wi-Fi frequencies. WPA/WPA2 are included with all pre-configured links. For more information, please contact GNS Wireless.

>If you have any questions about 900MHz Non Line of Sight Point to Point Wireless Network Bridge Kits or any GNS Wireless products, please contact us by calling (877) 209-5152 or email us at