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Commercial Wireless Bridge

Industrial Grade Wireless Network Bridge | Complete Links

Enterprise grade PTP Wireless links provide latency sensitive voice and video traffic to be shared between your 2 locations.  IoT devices that are sending small data packets – which will slow down a wireless network.  To solve this problem, full duplex PTP wireless backhauls are installed to handle the growing and diverse amount of traffic as well as bandwidth needs.

GNS Wireless stocks full duplex, commercial grade Point to Point Wireless Network Bridge Kits. These packages are sold in complete links and are meant to work with each other as a paired set.  After installation, the pair of antennas will share Internet, voice, video, or other data across your network, similar to having a fiber connection.

All GNS Wireless point-to-point microwave radio systems – licensed and license-exempt – are carrier-class systems offering guaranteed link availability, guaranteed throughput and low, constant latency. GNS Wireless stocks solutions that range in frequencies from 900MHz to 80 GHz and in capacities up to 3000 Mbps per channel, providing a range of options to fit countless network applications. Bridge to the next building with license free solutions that automatically change channels to reduce interference. Most wireless network bridge kits are powered by the Ethernet cable using POE – power over Ethernet. Cellular backhauls are frequently deployed using either the license free 5 Ghz frequency, or 60GHz licensed band. All cellular point to point applications use high throughput, full duplex point to point radios. Contact GNS Wireless for a free path analysis.

Full duplex commercial point to point wireless bridge kits have extremely low latency compared to typical Wi-Fi, or 802.11N point to point links. Full duplex wireless network bridge kits are FCC unlicensed and operate from 4.9 GHz to 80 GHz. These commercial wireless bridge kits have 128bit and 256bit AES security options and provide high throughput, secure data connections. Consider the full duplex wireless bridge a 4 lane highway, vs. a normal 802.11N Wi-Fi bridge a 1 lane street. Data is able to be sent in both directions, at the same time, with lower latency when using a full duplex Wi-Fi link. 

View our pre-configured, plug-n-play links below:

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Full duplex wireless network bridge kits are recommended for the following conditions:

  • Large amounts of VoIP between two locations
  • Point to point wireless of more than 2 miles’ distance
  • Transfer of IP network cameras, or remote monitoring
  • Higher security options available
  • Higher throughput requirements of up to 6Gbps
  • Better obstruction penetration abilities for long range wireless

GNS Wireless stocks the following Full Duplex, high throughput, point to point links:

GNS Wireless pre-packages the antenna pair, to include everything needed to connect 2 locations, up to 10 miles apart, clear-unobstructed line of sight is required. Pre-configured for "out of the box" installation. Technical support included.

Full duplex commercial grade wireless bridge kits showcase an array of advanced software mechanisms that provide optimal point-to-point connectivity for high-throughput, long distance links. Proprietary point-to-point mechanisms utilizes techniques such as Selective Repeat ARQ and Dynamic Time Division Duplexing (TDD) to increase link efficiency and greatly decrease the impact that distance has on throughput of the link. Actual TCP throughput of up to 1000 Mbps and over 800,000 packets-per-second are available using a full duplex commercial grade wireless bridge kit, delivering a solution made for rock solid backhaul capability for both VOIP and data applications.

With regards to installation, the installer does not have to be all that tech-skilled but it is really pretty easy to install the link. Simply mount each antenna on the side of the buildings facing each other (additional mounting hardware is available). Plug one Ethernet bridge antenna into your router or a network switch or a computer and the same for the one on the other end. Each antenna gets its power over the CAT5 cable on each end. GNS Wireless tech support is helpful and available any time during or after the installation. You may also refer to our setup diagram for more information about full duplex point to point wireless network bridges.

A router can be added to the receiving end of the wireless Ethernet bridge kits to extend internet service into that building. The full duplex wireless bridge links will not interfere with any 2.4 GHz equipment as the frequency is completely different. Our wireless bridge kits are all inclusive units that is powered via POE. So the network access comes right out of the network connection.

If you have any questions about Full Duplex Commercial Grade Point to Point Wireless Network Bridge Kits or any GNS Wireless bridge products, please contact us by calling (877) 209-5152 or email us at