The design of a Wi-Fi network can seem easy, but there is professionalism to be considered.  GNS WIRELESS can assist in evaluating, designing, and configuring your network to ensure the success of your project.

Let’s Get Started

GNS WIRELESS Basic Level Design Service

Preliminary Design of WLAN | Wi-Fi Network


  • Hardware selection
    GNS Wireless will assist in hardware selection for network connectivity. Examples include: routers, switches, firewalls, VPN connections, patch panels, rack mounts, point to point applications, point to multi-point applications, etc.
  • Hardware placement
    GNS Wireless will provide recommendations, mapping, and diagramming for application specific network layouts. Examples include RV Park/Campground/Marina overview layouts with Wi-Fi coverage estimates, antenna placement and bandwidth recommendations.

What we need:

  • Physical Location Address or lat/long
  • Perimeter of coverage and/or desired coverage area
  • Location of Internet Router
  • Type of Internet Service (inclusive of speed)
  • Any existing infrastructure
  • Number of devices/guests/spaces/spots/slips
  • Distance between 2 locations (PTP Only)
  • Estimated Antenna Height (PTP Only)

What you will receive:

  • Coverage Heat Map 
  • Path Analysis (PTP Only)
  • Basic Bill of Materials
  • Basic AP Placement
  • Antenna height estimate (PTP Only)

Pricing:  FREE

Part#: GNS-NDS-L1

GNS WIRELESS Basic Level Configuration Service

Basic Configuration of WLAN | Wi-Fi Network | PTP


  • Basic hardware configuration
    GNS Wireless will provide Basic hardware configuration and staging of routers, access points, antennas, network appliances, firewalls, etc.  This includes IP Address assignment, SSID, Encryption, Basic Bandwidth limiting, and DHCP assignment.  Configuration is limited to connectivity, IP configuration, device naming and encryption.
  • What we need: Desired IP Range, Desired DHCP Table (if applicable), Desired DHCP Table (if applicable), Number of spaces/spots/slips/devices (estimated), Type of Internet Service (inclusive of speed), Any existing infrastructure/PTP Antennas, Mounting Preferences, Distance between 2 locations (PTP Only), MDF and IDF closet locations if available.

  • What you will receive: Router Configuration including DHCP setup, Gateway, LAN IP, AP Configuration including IP, SSID, Encryption, Bandwidth Limits, Basic Bill of Materials, AP Count and Placement, Backup configuration files, Overview map with AP Placement labels to match accordingly.

Pricing: $299 (1 – 5 Devices)
Part#: GNS-NDS-L2

GNS WIRELESS Advanced Level Configuration Service

Advanced Configuration of WLAN | Wi-Fi Network | PTP


  • Advanced hardware configuration
    Advanced hardware configuration and staging includes configuration of routers, access points, antennas, network appliances, firewalls, etc.  This includes but is not limited to VLAN creation, QoS rules, custom firewall programming, cloud management and creation, multi-SSID, duplicate AP profiles.  Guest access, splash page creation, access control, passpoint, ACL, MAC filtering creation, trunk multiple VLANs, Port Duplex, Radius Server setup, User Defined Overrides, and more.

Pricing: $499
Part#: GNS-NDS-L3

GNS WIRELESS Remote Support, Service and Configuration

Remote Support of WLAN | Wi-Fi Network | PTP


  • Remote configuration via teamviewer remote control.  End user must be on a windows machine, Windows 7 or Windows 10.  GNS Wireless will assist in configuration, administration, service, and assist in identifying problems, and/or troubleshooting network.  
  • Minimum 2 hours

Pricing: $150/hour
Part#: GNS-NDS-L4

GNS WIRELESS Site Survey | WLAN Site Survey

Survey of WLAN | Wi-Fi Network Analysis


  • GNS Wireless will conduct an on site passive survey to locate coverage gaps, review your current AP placement, and propose recommendations.  We will generate heat maps, provide suggested upgrades to address any dead spots in your wireless network coverage.  BOM will be provided afterwards, along with product recommendations.  Installation available upon request, and is not included.

Pricing: $750 (Travel Expenses not included)
Part#: GNS-NDS-L5