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Network Management

Wireless Network Management

If you are managing a network that is supporting more than 30 concurrent users, then you can experience a bandwidth bottleneck inside your current wired or wireless router.  Below, you will find a range of routers and network controllers used specifically as wireless network managers.  These network management products add features such as bandwidth control, session limiting and support up to 5000 concurrent users.

Wireless LAN has become a favorable and stable solution for mobile-connected SB/SMBs.  GNS Wireless provides businesses with scalable and feature-rich Wireless LAN solutions including hotspot authentication gateways, and hotspot controllers and wlan network management.

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WLAN Network Management

The Wireless Network Management Systems architecture allows configuring or performing firmware upgrades on any network infrastructure. Monitored devices can be on LAN behind a NAT or on WAN. Scalable software design is perfectly suited for small and large networks. Rapidly growing networks may be split it into smaller logical groups (smaller networks) and assigned to different administrators. All information about the devices that are monitored (name, MAC, serial number, IP, firmware version) is stored in Wireless Network Management System server. Information storage in one place, quick search capabilities, data export options simplify the inventory management. Each network device can be monitored individually with defined tracking parameters (standard and custom based on SNMP value). Reported alerts are shown on wlan Network Management System dashboard in a real time.

Free Tools for WLAN Network Management

Wi-Fi is relatively easy to configure, but optimizing, securing, and diagnosing problems with a wireless network can be a challenge.  inSSIDer is a great tool for wlan network management.  It is similar to the old Net Stumbler application, except that it has been modernized and it works with operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The application is designed to detect wireless networks and report on their type, maximum transfer rate, and channel usage. There is even a graphical representation of each wireless network's amplitude and channel usage.

Deliberant offers a FREE enterprise grade Wireless Network Management System included with the purchase of their wireless access points and CPE's.  This single software solution simplifies a large number of wireless network manager and monitoring tasks for network administrators.  The comprehensive network management system supports up to several thousand of nodes. Multiple networks may be maintained and monitored using one server. Rich feature set helps to diagnose network problems effectively, visualize network on map, perform automatically scheduled firmware upgrades, track states of devices, get alerts about failures, collect statistics and many other things. Web-based system environment supports multi-user accounts. Several administrators may manage different networks on the same server, without having access to each other's equipment

Wireless network management providers gain the benefits of:

  • Single platform for Wi-Fi service management
  • Carrier-grade scalability for hundreds of remote Wi-Fi APs or Smart Wireless LANs
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Leverages industry-standard protocols such as SNMP, TR-069, SOAP, TCP, and HTTP/S to access devices on networks that otherwise might be blocked by local firewalls
  • At-a-glance customizable network dashboard provides overview of events, devices, and clients
  • Custom Bandwidth Management on your wireless lan
  • Wireless network management of individual users or groups
  • Easy management grouping by geography, device type, serial number, and customer
  • Detailed historical reports by device, client, mesh changes for a specified time

Authentication with simplified management

The ZyXEL UAG4100 uses comprehensive authentication methods to manage Wi-Fi accessibility for devices with AD, LDAP or RADIUS authentication servers. The larger NXC2500 also provides a built-in RADIUS server, a captive portal server and a DHCP server to facilitate small and medium businesses deploying secured employee and guest access services without any additional server.  The user-friendly guest account generator can dynamically create user accounts for guests to log into a customized capital portal via QR code. The NXC2500 also supports applying external customized portal pages which largely benefit the access authentication in hospitality venues like hotels.  Also, with IETF standard-based CAPWAP, secured communication can be established between the NXC controller and access points without changing the existing LAN infrastructure.

The NXC2500 is a great network management product that can offer a secured Wi-Fi network with easy installation for your business WLAN network management system.