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Power Meters

The Praxsym T-Meters provide the only hand-held solution for easily making measurements of forward power, reflected power and VSWR. Having a t-meter allows for quick and effective troubleshooting and verification of newly installed system-level hardware.

Without in-line attenuation, each meter will directly measure RF signals from 0dBm to +20dBm. With a 10dB inline attenuator, readings are scaled up to a range of +10dBm to +30dBm. With a 20dB attenuator, readings are scaled from +20dbm to +40dBm. With a 30dB attenuator, readings are scaled from +30dbm to +50dBm.

This wireless network test equipment captures peak power over a 200mSec window so that it is ideal to measure peak power of 802.11 CDMA packetized communications. The peak detection circuit will capture a transmission as short as 500 microseconds and hold the measurement for one second.

Tactile switches are integral to the main electronics board and sealed from the elements by a weather-resistant overlay.

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  • Measure Forward Power, Reflected Power & VSWR
  • All meters cover 2.4GHz, 5.3GHz, 5.4-5.7GHz* and 5.8GHz license-exempt bands, with application-specific coverage for 4.9GHz (PM-4900), 900MHz (PM-900), 3.5GHz (PM-3500), and the upper & lower 6GHz bands (PM-6000)
  • Simple operation
  • Small size (4.9" x 2.7", easily stores in your pocket or toolbox)
  • Temperature range -10C to 50C
  • Weight 10 oz.
  • 10dB attenuator, N-N male adapter and 50Ω termination included
    *the PM-2458 may be used out of specified coverage at 5.4-5.7GHz, see the FAQ document for more information