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Industry Solutions

Broadband Service Provider

Rapidly extend networks to reach new business and residential subscribers. Ask us about WISP startup and client subscriber packages, and models for non line of sight.


From playgrounds to lecture halls, to college campus wide networks, GNS Wireless can provide custom WLAN solutions to meet the needs of your application.

Enterprise Wireless LAN Solutions

Rapidly deploy enterprise wireless broadband communication for video, voice, data, and enterprise wifi applications.Enterprise wireless broadband solutions from Cambium Networks provide affordable connectivity and high reliability.

Federal Government WiFi Network Services

Very high throughput Point to point, and point to multipoint solutions provide reliable broadband for video, voice, and data applications. FIPS 140-2, 256 bit enryption available.

HotelWireless Broadband Solutions

Hospitality managers need to ensure complete, reliable, user friendly broadband coverage throughout hotel, resort, and special event facilities.

Industrial Broadband Solutions

Private wireless networks provide the connectivity and reliability needed to adopt and to improve efficiency and create a sustainable competitive advantage.Whether it is point to point broadband or high bandwidth backhaul links, GNS Wireless can provide a wireless broadband solution for you.

Oil and Gas

Wireless network connectivity for data transfer, SCADA monitoring and control, and video surveillance at indoor and outdoor locations. Our WiFi network services are adapted for your needs. You can connect mobile crews and assets to help respond quickly, manage power delivery effectively, achieve regulatory compliance, and bring your community safety back on the grid.

Public Wi-Fi Solutions

Municipalities and event organizers seek public WiFi network service that provides solid connectivity.

Wireless Infrastructure for Hospitals

Seamless Wi-Fi is essential in hospitals for reasons such as tracking medical equipment, monitoring patients, accessing medical records, X-rays and MRI scans. A wireless broadband solution is also used to ensure doctors, visitors, and patients have reliable access to the network.As hospitals prepare for the upcoming surge of Internet of Things technology, high-performance Wi-Fi is even more critical. GNS Wireless can assist in deploying physically secure WiFi network service and access points quickly.We can help maintain the access points without violating regulations and without entering plenum space. GNS Wireless can ensure reliable coverage when and where you need it without disrupting aesthetics.