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Military Wireless Bridge

Military Grade Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge Kits

GNS Wireless offers complete fixed wireless backhaul packages for connecting two or more locations, ranging in frequency from 2.5GHz to 60 GHz, point to point wireless Ethernet backhaul.  Carrier Class wireless Ethernet bridges that deliver high capacity, extended range, Government point to point wireless.  Some of these point to point wireless Bridge packages are recommended for Government or Military use.  For example, the Cambium PTP 650 antenna bridge, is one of our premier wireless systems to deliver data, voice, and video over challenging paths and/or ultra-long distances. Built to overcome interference, path obstructions, and weather extremes, these systems routinely perform in environments where comparable systems cannot make a connection.  PTP 650 radios have attained Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 validation and Unified Capabilities, Approved Products List (UC-APL) certification for interoperability and information assurance.

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