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C050055H007A, PTP 550 5 GHz, Integrated Antenna (23 dBi) with AC Power Supply (FCC)

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Part #: C050055H007A

PTP 550, 5 Ghz Gigabit Wireless Backhaul, Integrated Antenna (23dBi)

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MFG Part #: C050055H007A
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C050055H007A uses an Integrated 23 dbi Antenna.   2 required to create a LINK.


The C050055H007A PTP 550 is a Point to Point Gigabit wireless backhaul with high throughput based on 802.11ac Wave 2 frequency.  They operate in the 5 GHz wireless space, addressing the gigabit capacity needs for high speed backhaul solutions in short range and middle range applications.  The high throughput of almost 1.4 Gbps is acheived by using a channel bonding feature.   When combining dual 80MHz channels, the 1.4 Gbps is possible.  Because these backhaul antennas use dual radios, you can have a redundant link used for failover if your primary link goes down, or you can bond them to have the higher throughput as described above.

Each PTP 550 radio is enclosed in a rugged IP66/67 rated metal enclosure, which protects the radio from extreme conditions and solar radiation.  With a small footprint of 12″ x 12″, this antenna can be placed almost anywhere.  If mounting onto a pole, or mast, it is very lightweight, (5 lbs Integrated, 4 lbs connectorized)  The antennas in the PTP 550 series are IP66 and IP67 rated for outdoor use.  This antenna utilizes a 23 dBi integrated antenna.  Maximum range will depend on your particular application, but typically with line of sight, you will see a maximum range of up to 3-5 miles.

This PTP 550 wireless backhaul has a latency of only 1-3 milliseconds one direction, and will support dual independent channels, each channel configurable in 20, 40 and 80 MHz width.  A great feature for this series radio is that they support dynamic channel selection (DCS).  This means that when enabled, the radios will automatically select the best channel for use.  They will scan constantly to check for interference, and will change to avoid interference.  The result is the best available throughput with limited spectrum even in the most challenging environments.

Robust Network Connectivity for the Applications:

  • Public Wi-Fi for guests
  • Private Wi-Fi for event staff
  • Video streaming for displays
  • Secure vendor point-of-sale and CC processing
  • Attendee Registration
  • Video Surveillance/Security
  • Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge

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