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Test Equipment

Broadband Power Meters & Spectrum Analyzers

Network test equipment, such as hand-held power meter and spectrum analyzer solutions, are used for making measurements of forward power, reflected power and VSWR.  Having a t-meter allows for quick and effective troubleshooting and verification of newly installed system-level hardware.

Wi-Fi is a complex technology, and many installers will tell you that it more resembles an art form.  Testing the Wi-Fi network doesn’t have to be difficult, however it is crucial prior to installing a new or upgraded outdoor wireless network.  A wireless network tester, spectrum analyzer, and power meter will allow WiFi network technicians to quickly test, verify and troubleshoot 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless networks.
Designed specifically for dispatched troubleshooting, wireless network test equipment simplifies WiFi testing by providing:

  • A pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common wireless signal strength problems – for any level of Wi-Fi technician’s expertise
  • An instant view to required Wi-Fi test results including network availability, wireless connectivity, utilization, security settings, rogue hunting, and interference detection
  • A rugged, purpose-built Wi-Fi tester that’s easy to use and easy to carry
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The design of the wireless network testers should make it simple for anyone to quickly master the wireless site survey.  Instant power-up, automated testing, and quick access to more detailed information, lets you close trouble tickets faster – making technicians and users alike more productive. This Wi-Fi test tool allows Wi-Fi technicians to easily manage test results and documentation prior to installing a new wireless access point, or troubleshooting a wireless network in a interference prone area.

The wireless network tester that you choose should be able to find common configuration and coverage problems as well as rogue APs. It should be able to view a list of all physical APs heard by the site survey or clients connected to a specific AP.  Below is a list of basic information that you should be able to see when conducting a quick site survey of your area:

  • Channel
  • Signal level
  • AP name or MAC address
  • SSID name (or count of SSIDs for virtual APs)
  • Security / encryption
  • Type of network

With wireless networking speeds increasing by the day, 802.11AC wireless networks being at the forefront of fast downloads, and now with cellular networks like Verizon field testing the super fast 5G wireless networks, wireless network testing is becoming more and more critical prior to upgrading your wireless network.  GNS Wireless offers a full line of wireless network testers, scan tools, and utility programs to assist in your Wi-Fi network installation.  Contact GNS Wireless today with any questions and concerns on our network testing equipment..