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Technical Support

Home & Office WiFi is a wireless network that allows your WiFi-enabled devices, such as laptops, printers, tablets, SMART TVs, smartphones, gaming devices, etc., to connect to the Internet and to one another without the use of wires. You can connect multiple devices at the same time, and it gives you the freedom to move from room to room and stay connected to the Internet from anywhere within the WiFi’s signal range.  Furthermore, GNS Wireless offers extended range wireless network solutions, that give you the freedom of roaming outdoors, and staying connected to the Internet at all times, whether it be at a large Marina, Campground, RV Park, or any other outdoor venue that you would like access to your photos, files, voice, video or other application.  GNS Wireless offers broadband wireless network solutions for outdoors. 

Below you will find how to guides, on setting up wireless using different vendors, and for different solutions.  Please contact us if you have any other questions.