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Utilities and Downloads

Fresnel Zone Wireless Calculator
The Fresnel Zone is the area around the visual line-of-sight that radio waves spread out into after they leave the antenna. You want a clear line of sight to maintain signal strength, especially for 2.4 GHz wireless systems. This is because 2.4 GHz waves are absorbed by water, like the water found in trees. Typically, 20% Fresnel Zone blockage introduces little signal loss to the link. Beyond 40% blockage, signal loss will become significant.

Reset/Network Scan Tool:
The Reset tool is written on Java and allows users to restore devices easily to their default configuration. No special commands are required. For use with all APC 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Access Points, as well as point to point wireless Ethernet bridges.

IP Network scan tool, for use with all Teletronics Access Points and Client Ethernet bridges.

Link Analysis:
This will help determine what speeds are available for your particular application, what antenna heights are recommended, and whether a link is possible at your distance.

Free Space Path Loss Calculator:
Calculate the loss for a given distance at an RF frequency. Enter distance in km and frequency in either MHz or GHz. Please note, this does not take into account atmospheric dispersion or absorption.

Tranzeo IP Scan Tool:
IP Network scan tool, for use with Tranzeo Access Points and Client Ethernet bridges.

Business Class Non Line-of-Sight:
Cambium Networks unique non-line-of-sight (NLOS) solutions providing reliable point to point links, in the toughest radio-frequency envirnments. This includes 900MHz point to point wireless Ethernet Bridge kits.

Ubiquiti Networks – Device Discovery Tool
Scan and locate the type of device, and IP address of any Ubiquiti device on your network. This scan tool requires Java.

GNS Wireless Remote Support using Teamviewer:

Teamviewer software is a free download for you, that lets GNS connect securely to your computer, for assistance in configuration of Wireless Router, Access Point, and/or network applications.