GNS Wireless is now offering solar and wind-powered system solutions from Tycon Power Systems. Tycon Power designs and manufactures remote power systems for outdoor applications. We have systems ranging from UPSPro™ outdoor backup systems which can be used in areas with unreliable power or when 100% uptime is required, to complete stand-alone power systems for remote areas or areas without economical access to grid power. We also specialize in Power Over Ethernet power solutions including Passive and 802.3af/at Inserters, DC to DC Converters, Rack Mount MidSpan Inserters, Passive and 802.3af/at POE Switches, and solar controllers with built-in DCDC and POE inserters.

Typical Solar and Wind-Powered System Applications:

  • Remote wireless access point or backhaul – building to building wireless links
  • Remote Wireless repeaters – extending wireless networks
  • Remote sensing applications – water level, water flow, wildlife migration, IR sensing, snow depth, remote weather stations
  • Video Surveillance – remote cameras, motion sensors, security applications
  • Remote cabins/villages – provide basic power for equipment, lights, communications
  • Boats and campers – power for sailboats, power boats, campers – keep onboard batteries charged and ready
  • Electric Fencing for remote properties
  • Gate controls for ranches

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