Contact us today for professional, friendly support you can trust. Our technical wireless network solutions support team is Microsoft and Cisco Certified. Email the specifics of your application and someone will get back to you shortly. Please be as specific as possible to receive a prompt response.

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If you have a current wired or wireless network application, and need reliable wireless network solutions, please email us at Please include as much information as possible, to receive the fastest response.

For POINT-TO-POINT Bridging applications, please include details of your link such as the following:

  • What is the distance between your two locations?
  • Do your two locations have clear, un-obstructed Line-of-Sight?
  • How many users will be accessing the network at the remote location?
  • Will you be using the wireless link for voice/video/file sharing?
  • For link distances greater then 2 miles, we will need the latitude/longitude of each location in order to conduct a path analysis.

For WIRELESS HOTSPOT setups, (including RV Parks/Marinas/Campgrounds, or other outdoor venues, please email us a overview image, or site layout, and provide the following information:

  • What is the address of the outdoor venue?
  • What is the maximum distance you are trying to cover with Wi-Fi?
  • How many concurrent users will be accessing the network?
  • Do you plan on charging for internet access?
  • Do you have power available at locations other then the main office?

GNS will provide Configuration Support for customers who have purchased Equipment from us only. * Free basic installation support provided for 90 days from date of purchase. Advanced product configuration is not included. Please contact us for details on our wireless network solutions.