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Mounting Hardware

Wireless Network Mounting Hardware

GNS Wireless stocks an assortment of mounting hardware accessories including suspended ceiling mounts, wall mounts, roof mounts, tripods and masts, stand-off brackets and universal antenna mounts for wireless network antenna installations.

There are many different mounting hardware options for installing wireless network antennas, based on the location selected as well as the antenna type, and size of wireless antenna.

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Indoor Antennas                

Typically the easiest installation with the least amount of mounting hardware required.  Choices of antennas include simple “rubber duck” antennas either without or with an amplifier (GNS-1460), small directional antennas (GNS-1403), and omni directional antennas (GNS-1488).  Any of these wireless network mounting accessories can simply be placed indoors and when connected to your wireless router, will boost the WiFi signal.

Chimney Antenna Mounting Hardware              

Chimney mounts are used more frequently than other types of mounts, but they often are not the best option for large outdoor antennas.  Although they are relatively easy to install, the smoke and gases from a chimney can shorten the life of the antenna and significantly impair its performance. 

If you choose a chimney mount, use enough mast to place the antenna above most of the smoke and gases. However, to avoid overstressing the chimney, do not mount the antenna more than 10 feet above the top of the chimney.   If the height of the antenna must exceed 10 feet, or if the weight of the antenna and associated hardware is greater than 30lbs, to receive satisfactory signals, the mast must be properly guyed.

Roof Mounts

There are two basic types of roof mounts: a tripod mount, and a non-penetrating roof mount.  Tripods are stronger and more rigid than non penetrating roof mounting hardware, base mounts, but they are also come in a 3ft. and 5ft. tripod option.  When given a choice, use a tripod, as you can screw down the hardware.  However, if the application does not allow holes or if the installation is temporary, the non penetrating roof mount is the best option...for a flat roof.   Properly guyed roof mount hardware will allow for heights of up to 40ft.

Wall Mounts

Many types of wall mount brackets and wireless network mounting accessories are available from GNS Wireless. When installing a wall mount, space the brackets as far apart as possible (or practical). Generally, the farther apart you space the brackets, the stronger the installation will be. However, any mast more than 10 feet above the top bracket should be guyed.  The GNS-1433 universal antenna mounting hardware will allow for both a wall mount, pitched roof mount, or retaining wall mount.

Telescoping Masts

A telescoping mast is used in installations for which standard 5 or 10 foot lengths of mast stacked together would not be sufficiently strong or rigid. A length of telescoping mast is stronger and more rigid than the same lengths made up of standard mast pieces stacked together. Because of their additional strength, some telescoping masts used with ground mounts can be extended up to 15 feet above the roof line without requiring guy wires. Another advantage of telescoping masts is that they can be easily adjusted to odd heights without having to cut the tubing.

Because telescoping masts are heavy and require firm bottom support, they should not be used with chimney or wall mounts. However, because ground and roof mounts do provide bottom support, telescoping masts can be used with these mounts to provide additional height.