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Antenna Tripods

3ft. and 5ft. Antenna Tripods from GNS Wireless

GNS Wireless offers 3ft. and 5ft. antenna tripods and mounts for use with pitched or flat roof installations.  The antenna tripod is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get a vertical pole installed for antenna installations.

When installed properly, the antenna tripod mount is one of the strongest ways to secure your pole or mast.  GNS Wireless typically uses the 3ft. tripod along with a 5ft. or 10ft. antenna mast for sector antenna installations, or PTP wireless backhauls that weigh less than 25 pounds.

For more than 10ft. of mast, it is recommended to add a guy wire kit to secure the mast to the roof.  This will prevent wind damage, and allow you to add more weight to the pole.  The feet on the bottom of the antenna tripod are adjustable to meet the angle of the roof.  It is recommended to use coaxial sealant tape under the tripod feet.  Furthermore an aluminum construction adhesive works well for even more waterproofing on the roof.

If you need help before, during or after your network installation, please contact GNS Wireless at (877) 209-5152.

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