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Universal Mounts

Universal Antenna Mounts from GNS Wireless

GNS Wireless stocks a full line of Weather Proof Adjustable Attic Antenna Mounts – Outdoor TV Antenna Mounting Universal Mount Brackets.  The universal antenna mounts and mounting hardware have a reversible design so that both ends of the J pipe can be used depending on your installation needs.

This is the best accessory for small to medium sized antenna installations where you are mounting an antenna to the side or top of a home or business.  Many times, you can saw the unused end of the J pipe down so that it is unseen behind the antenna.

The brackets come with all the screws required to secure it to the antenna bracket.  Pre-drilled holes are available to secure the bracket to the wall or other surface.  For pole mount installations, you can use a extended length hose clamp to secure the antenna bracket.  The J-Pipe can be adjusted up to 60 degree to meet the requirement of your installation.

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