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Client Bridge

Client Antennas, or Client Bridges are configured to receive a wireless signal only. If there is a public hotspot signal or wireless signal being generated from outside your home or office, there are a few ways to receive the signal, and turn it into a usable wireless network connection.

Diagram 1: Direct Connection to the outdoor client antenna.

If you plan on only having one computer in your home that needs Wireless Internet access, then you will not need an indoor wireless router installed at your location. This type of setup is best for customers who are looking to connect to public or private wireless networks in their area, or are trying to connect to a wireless network that is just out of reach with your standard desktop or laptop card. We offer different models of outdoor antennas that are fully integrated units. This means quicker installation times, and less cabling hassles. Please contact us for information or view our available outdoor client devices here. If you need to connect more then one computer in your home, and want to establish your own wireless network inside your home, view the diagram below for details.

Diagram 2: Connecting an indoor wireless router to the outdoor client antenna.

This type of setup is best used for sharing your wireless connection with more then one computer. This setup will allow you to receive the wireless signal from your neighbor, or friend, etc., and create your own wireless network inside your home or office. The benefit of this type of setup is that your laptop is connecting to a wireless network that is located inside your home. So the distance is shorter, the connection will be stronger, and your speed will be increased dramatically. Another benefit is that you can secure the connection both incoming, as well as your new indoor router, to reduce the chance of unwanted guests using your WiFi. Please contact us for details, or to discuss some options for your application.