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Coaxial Cable

RF Coaxial Cable | Low Loss 195 and 400 Series Cable

RF Cable:  GNS Wireless stocks coaxial connectors sold by the foot, or spool.  Also available is pre-terminated RF coaxial cable assemblies using flexible, low loss, semi-rigid, and conformable cables using Low Loss 195, 240, 400, 600 and 900. All coaxial cable for sale here is factory terminated and tested.

Coaxial Applications:

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What is Coaxial Cable?

This cable is a common type of shielded data transmission cable, which is made up of two conductors that are oriented but separated by a layer of insulation. The construction of your typical coax uses a inner core consisting of a metal wire (conductor #1), which is then surrounded by a layer of non-conductive, dielectric insulation, which is itself covered in metallic mesh, foil and/or braid (conductor #2), and then the entire cable is wrapped in a protective outer sheathing, or jacket, which holds everything together and locks out moisture and some interference.

What is Coaxial Cable Used For?

This type of cable is designed to carry high-frequency signals, 900 MHz to 6GHz, and to protect those signals against electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources.  Most people probably associate it with their cable television service, but for extending Wi-Fi antennas and access points outdoors, or for long range wireless networks, we use a Low Loss 195 and Low Loss 400 for the most common Wi-Fi applications and broadband Ethernet applications.

195 Coaxial Cables
GNS Wireless offers an extensive selection of 195 Series coaxial which features excellent low loss characteristics and is ideal for shorter cable runs and "jumper" cables. White or black jacketed, fire retardant, and Plenum rated versions are offered as well. This cable series is a high performance alternative to RG58 coaxial cable.   The inner conductor of the low loss 195 cable is solid bare copper covered steel. Applications include WLAN and RF pigtails, RF Antenna cable assemblies and Wi-Fi installation anywhere from 900 MHz to 6GHz.  Contact us today for more information about our cable and connectors!

400 Coaxial Cables
The 400-Series RF cable is a high performance cable which has become a "standard" antenna cable of the outdoor wireless LAN and Wi-Fi industries. Several off the shelf styles are available including Plenum rated 400 to comply with specific building codes.  400 series coaxial cable is used to extend the distance from your Wi-Fi antenna to the indoor wireless router.  400 cables are used for distances between 5ft. and 100ft.  Before extending the length of your RF coaxial cable, please contact us to ensure you will have enough power going to the outdoor Wi-Fi antenna. 

RF coaxial cable interfaces include: BNC, SMA, TNC, Type F, RCA, SMB, MCX, MC-Card, Type-N, and all reverse polarity Wi-Fi coaxial connectors.   We carry coax RF connectors and tools such as cable strippers, coaxial crimping tools, compression tools, and pin crimp tools to accommodate all of your coaxial termination requirements.