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It’s no longer about comparing Wi-Fi speeds; it’s more about the capacity of the network to provide the optimal throughput for all clients in the Marina or Yacht Club.

GNS Wireless specializes in designing and installing the correct wireless network for your Marina or Yacht Club.  Marinas, Mooring Basins, and Wireless Networks for Boat Slips require commercial-grade equipment with a company familiar with how to optimize the Wi-Fi.  We provide a one-stop shop for all your marina WiFi network equipment needs, in order to install a reliable, dependable Marina Wireless Network.  We have the experience to answer any and all questions you may have along the way, so get started by calling GNS Wireless at 877-209-5152 for product recommendations and free consultation.

Looking for Superior Wi-Fi at your Marina?

GNS Wireless utilizes the best industry standards from gigabit network switches to 802.11AC & 802.11AX wireless network equipment.  We provide everything required and will assist in the deployment of a fast, reliable wireless network at your marina or yacht club.   In today’s networks, GNS Wireless deploys Gigabit+ technology across the core networks that support your marina or yacht club and our network and wireless engineers have 20+ years of combined experience working with wired and wireless network deployments. We provide network solutions for Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Mooring Basins, Coastal Waterways, as well as any other public or private boat slip.

Please note, GNS Wireless does not offer internet access.  We provide the Wi-Fi network equipment, and integration support in order for you to share your existing internet access with the rest of the Marina.  Contact us today.

Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Management

Cloud Based Wi-Fi

Your new Wi-Fi equipment will include cloud based management that is free of charge and includes no monthly fees, no contracts, and no service agreements.  Once your new equipment is installed, GNS will assist in troubleshooting and have the ability to monitor, make changes, and provide technical support to your updated wireless network. It is 100% cloud-based and offers the highest level of security and redundancy.  Our most popular cloud based access points are dual band, and allow your network to expand easily, and at your discretion.  Easily change passwords, view guest access, and update firmware.  Contact GNS Wireless for more information.

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Marina WiFi

U.S. Based Toll-Free Technical Support

At GNS Wireless, we do NOT contract out technical support. We provide technical support, via phone, and email, on everything we sell, install, and consult on. Our company provides toll-free technical support for marina management, transient and seasonal boaters, and other users.

No Management Fees

The objective of our Marina Wireless hotspot equipment packages is to provide your Marina with a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal, that reaches the perimeter of your area.  We pre-configure, setup the cloud management system, and ship the gear to you.  No Monthly Fees, no management fees, and no service fees required.

High-power access points are used, in specific areas in order to provide the customer the reliability they need.  Using their Wi-Fi-enabled devices found in notebook computers, PDAs, smartphones, Ipad Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi phones, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, a reliable connection to the internet will be established.  Once our wireless network hotspot equipment is installed, the marina now has the option to provide a free complimentary service or an optional paid Wi-Fi service to give your customers who visit, the option of connecting to the marina wireless network. Typically, the wireless network found at a Marina is free of charge, however, if you choose to charge guests for wireless access, please ask us about the installation of a hotspot gateway. GNS Wireless can assist in configuration and installation.

Fast Ship Plug-N-Play Wi-Fi Packages:

Part # Description
GNS-E500 2.4GHz & 5GHz , Integrated Omni Antenna, Cloud Management, 802.11AC High Power Access Point, POE
GNS-XV2 2.4GHz & 5GHz, Integrated Omni Antenna, Cloud Management, 802.11AX Outdoor Access Point, POE
GNS-1485 2.4GHz, 16dBi Directional Antenna, 120 Degree Coverage, 802.11N High Power Access Point, POE 
GNS-1585 2.4GHz, 10dBi Omni Directional Antenna, 360 Degree Coverage, 802.11N High Power Access Point, POE

Marina WiFi signal boosters will allow you to extend the range beyond the 100ft. your existing wireless router is providing. However, not only will you want to upgrade the outdoor wireless access points, you want to make sure the router you choose can support the same increased workload that the wireless access points can now handle. In other words, if you upgrade your marina WiFi system to broadcast an extra 500ft. in all directions, you are now going to have more client devices on the wireless network. The increased usage on a typical wireless N router will most likely fail, or at the very minimum lock up, during peak usage times such as morning and after work. To prevent this, we carry more commercial grade, robust routers that have more processing power, and have the ability to control bandwidth as your marina wireless network grows.  Check out the new ER7206, or contact us directly for more information.

A commercial grade router with bandwidth control options will stabilize your now increased network usage, increase security and reliability, and also allow you to set a maximum upload and download speed.   This is particularly important to prevent any single user or device from “hogging” all available bandwidth.  You will have the ability to set limits so that guests will still have the ability to stream movies, etc., but they will not be able to prevent any other user from doing the same.  The exact router you choose will depend on multiple scenarios such as internet speed, and # of devices on your network, but here are a couple of the most popular, cost effective options.

  • ER7206 – This 4-port router has the ability to control bandwidth, and will support a maximum of 250 devices in its DHCP table.
  • CCR2004 -Quad core router for high density Marinas.  Fastest processing power, and will support larger networks of up to 1000 devices in its DHCP table.

Free Wi-Fi at the marina can be beneficial in several ways:

  1. Attracting customers: In today’s connected world, many people expect to have access to Wi-Fi wherever they go. Offering free Wi-Fi can be a competitive advantage for a marina, as it can attract boaters who are looking for a place to dock that offers this convenience.

  2. Enhancing customer experience: Boaters who have access to Wi-Fi can stay connected with friends, family, and work while they are out on the water. This can enhance their overall experience at the marina, making them more likely to return in the future.

  3. Boosting revenue: Free Wi-Fi can encourage boaters to spend more time at the marina, which can increase revenue from amenities such as restaurants, bars, and shops.

  4. Providing safety and security: Wi-Fi can be used to provide safety and security features such as real-time weather updates, alerts about navigational hazards, and surveillance systems to monitor activity in the marina.

  5. Supporting marina operations: Wi-Fi can be used to support marina operations such as managing reservations, tracking fuel usage, and monitoring environmental conditions.

  6. Ease of use:  No management gateway, no management fees, no service fees.  Wi-Fi that is easy to use, and provides guests the amenity they are looking for is the way to go.

Overall, offering free Wi-Fi at the marina can be a value-added service that enhances the customer experience, attracts new customers, and increases revenue. It can also support marina operations and provide safety and security features that benefit both customers and marina staff.  

There are also reasons why charging for Wi-Fi may be necessary or beneficial:

  1. Cost recovery: Providing Wi-Fi at the marina involves infrastructure, maintenance, and bandwidth costs. Charging for Wi-Fi can help the marina recover these costs and ensure that the service remains available and reliable.

  2. Quality of service: Charging for Wi-Fi can allow the marina to invest in high-quality equipment and service providers to ensure reliable and fast connectivity for customers. This can result in a better overall experience for boaters.

  3. Fairness: Not all boaters may want or need Wi-Fi, or they may prefer to use their own data plans. Charging for Wi-Fi can ensure that those who use the service are paying for it, rather than having the costs subsidized by others who do not use it.

  4. Customization: Charging for Wi-Fi can allow the marina to offer different pricing plans or packages to meet the needs of different customers, such as long-term renters or transient boaters.

  5. Revenue generation: Charging for Wi-Fi can generate additional revenue for the marina, which can be used to support other services or amenities for customers.

Overall, while offering free Wi-Fi at the marina can be attractive to customers, charging for Wi-Fi can be a necessary or beneficial strategy to recover costs, ensure quality of service, provide fairness, offer customization, and generate revenue.  When deciding to charge for Wi-Fi usage, plan to spend some extra time, and investment in the hotspot gateway, which allows you to do so.

Authentication Gateway Required:

A authentication gateway is basically a more advanced router.  The Gateway will serve as a DHCP server to the client network, act as a hardware firewall between the Internet and your local area network, and also provide you with custom features such as the following:

  • Splash Screen for re-directing end users to the website of your choice
  • Ability to control bandwidth upload/download speed.
  • Provide a Terms of Service agreement page for clients to agree to before being allowed access to the internet.
  • Ability to change UN/PW at a moment’s notice
  • Provide custom UN/PW per user, or globally for all users
  • Advertisement page
  • Charge guests for Wi-Fi usage

The gateway will link to your merchant account, like for CC transactions.  The most popular gateways are the EG1000 and EG3000.  

Update the Wi-Fi at your Marina.  Contact GNS today.

GNS Marina Wi-Fi

Extending the Wi-Fi Range using Gigabit Access Points. Long Island, NY.

To extend the Wi-Fi range beyond the main clubhouse of your Marina or Yacht club, we will utilize additional locations of power, and add more access points.  Gas docks, restrooms, or power located on the piling can be used.  For larger Marinas, or Yacht clubs with a greater number of slips, you typically want to install an access point so that no user is more than 300ft. from any access point.  If your Marina has larger boats, or live-aboards, then you want to add even more access points.

Because only power is required at these locations, it is easy to expand the Wi-Fi network to cover dead-spots, or provide better access to those slips with larger vessels.  We connect these remote locations using a wireless bridge kit. This is how the Wi-Fi is expanded, without any throughput degradation, or signal loss.

The fastest way to get started on your new marina wireless network is to email us the address or aerial view of your marina. This can be from Google Earth, Bing, Yahoo Maps, or just a picture you have of the dock map. You can send that image or link to  If you would rather discuss your options over the phone…call us, we have techs that can assist you every step of the way. Toll-Free: 877-209-5152

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To Get Started:

  1. Email us the address or aerial view of your Marina/RV Park/Campground or other outdoor venue.
  2. A GNS Wireless technician will examine your application and provide a Wi-Fi coverage heat map.
  3. We will then provide product recommendations and email a line item quote for your review.
  4. Once approved, we will begin product configuration per your specification.
  5. Equipment is tested, labeled accordingly, packaged and shipped to your address, ready to install.
  6. The items are now ready to install “out of the box”.
  7. A detailed overview map, product installation diagrams, and wiring schematics are included with your new equipment to make the installation process go smoothly. Technical support is included so you can contact us with any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise before/during and after the installation.