Outdoor NEMA Enclosures

Outdoor NEMA Enclosures

GNS Wireless stocks a full line of Outdoor Weatherproof boxes and powered industrial enclosures.  Most of the NEMA  industrial Enclosures include hinged covers, with stainless steel latches with a padlock hasp on the side.  Weatherproof NEMA enclosures are not only ideal for providing weatherproof operation of your network equipment, but security as well.  The outdoor industrial enclosures can be used to protect your electrical devices, wireless access points, or wireless routers.  GNS Wireless stocks outdoor powered enclosures and industrial grade, high quality NEMA boxes for outdoor use.  Weatherproof NEMA enclosures are great for solar powered Wi-Fi products, switches, routers, or antennas.  120V/240V AC powered Industrial enclosures, UL, Heated, Cooled, and Vented Enclosures.  If you do not find what you need, or require a custom enclosure, please contact us.

GNS Wireless stocks the following types of Outdoor Weatherproof boxes:

Our 14x12x7 and 18x16x8 industrial enclosures are rugged weatherproof boxes that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from molded fiberglass reinforced polyester, it is well suited for high temperature or corrosive environments. The mounting flange allows it to be wall mounted as well as on a flat surface. The raised lid features a stainless steel continuous hinge and stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps. The raised lid is fully gasketed. The industrial enclosure material is UV stabilized and comes in machine tool gray.

The aluminum mounting plate has provisions to mount WLAN equipment from Cisco®, Symbol®, D-Link®, Ubiquiti and more. With the optional bracket a wide array of Power Supplies can be mounted as well. Two of these brackets can be mounted side by side. Also available is the Universal Mounting Shelf that can be attached to the mounting plate and can accommodate additional equipment to be placed in the enclosure. The plate features four standard surge protected 120 VAC outlets and a terminal strip to supply power to internal equipment.

The smaller 14" x 10" x 4" industrial enclosure features a removable power module with two 120VAC outlets.   Dual 120V outlets are included.  This power module has provisions to install two additional outlets.  Cable access to the inside of the enclosure is via three rubber cable glands located on the bottom. Equipment can be mounted inside the enclosure either by using the included hook-and-loop tape or the four mounting stand-offs. The raised lid features a continuous gasket and a quick release latch with provisions for a padlock. The enclosure material is UV stabilized molded ABS. Three mounting holes are provided inside the enclosure for easy installations.

GNS Wireless also provides custom sizes for outdoor electronic enclosures.  For more information or to provide sizing requirements, or special requests, please contact our sales department.