Cambium Networks PTP 550 Wireless Backhauls: Up to 1.4 Gbps Capacity

The PTP 550 Wireless Backhaul Series of radios from Cambium Networks support up to 1.4 Gbps throughput in point-to-point wireless configuration.  These Cambium Networks PTP 550 High-Capacity Wireless Backhauls are ideal for setting up a high capacity backhaul for any application including voice, video or data.  

  • Metal Housing
  • Antenna Alignment GUI
  • Channel Bonding (Dual 80MHz channels achieves 1.36 Gbps)
  • Dynamic Channel Selection (constantly optimizes operation)
  • Live Spectrum Analyzer
  • AES 128 bit Encryption
  • cnMaestro Support
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  1. C000065L007B PTP-LPU with Grounding Kit for PTP650, PTP670, PTP550
    Part #: C000065L007B
    Price $452.00

    PTP-LPU Lightning Protection Unit with Grounding Kit

  2. C050055H007A, PTP550
    Part #: C050055H007A
    Price $895.00

    PTP 550, 5 Ghz Gigabit Wireless Backhaul, Integrated Antenna (23dBi)

  3. PTP550, C050055H001A
    Part #: C050055H001A
    Price $697.08

    PTP 550 - Point-to-Point Gigabit Capacity, Connectorized END

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PTP 550 is a point-to-point Gigabit throughput solution based on 802.11ac Wave 2 operating in the 5 GHz wireless space. It addresses the gigabit capacity needs for high-speed backhaul solutions under interference in short and middle range applications. PTP 550 provides up to 1+ Gbps throughput with ARQ and asymmetric noncontiguous channel aggregation across 5 GHz band.