The purpose of a GNS Wireless, WLAN Site Survey is to determine the number of access points, types of access points, antenna types, speed requirements, and locations to accomplish seamless Wi-Fi coverage. The site survey will also determine any antenna cabling requirements, (both Cat5e and Coaxial) as well as mounting accessories.

A GNS Wireless technician will gather information during the site survey that will be used to generate a site survey report. The report will include the following information:

Contact information
Building material and type
Access point and antenna location information
Overview image w/ estimated Wi-Fi coverage area
Equipment list

To request a GNS Wireless site survey of your property, please contact us.

GNS Wireless provides comprehensive installation services that result in fast, professional deployment of your wired/wireless network.

Our goal is to integrate your new solution as seamlessly as possibly into your operations, giving you the benefit of your powerful new technology without the hassle that might otherwise be included. The installation phase is the most time intensive part of the project due to the fact that some locations have limited or difficult access to areas such as walls and ceilings. Ladders or lifts may be required to gain access to ceiling areas. Using the site survey report as an installation guide, the installation will proceed smoothly. The Access Points and antennas will be installed at the facility using the marked up drawing made after the site survey. If the location requires antennas be mounted on the roof, accessibility will be provided to the installers at that time.

A GNS Wireless WLAN Installation can include the following services:

  • Physical configuration and installation of access points
  • Installation of NEMA enclosures
  • Physical mounting of antennas
  • Termination and connection of coaxial cables
  • Termination and connection of LAN to access points
  • Physical configuration of routers/hotspot gateways/bandwidth controllers
  • Installation of Power over Ethernet injector(s)
  • Configuration of access points will include (but is not limited to):

Firmware upgrades
Radio Configuration (SSID, channel, security, QoS)
IP Configuration (provided by customer)
Verification of coverage
Verification of backbone connectivity

After completion, an installation report will be generated with the following:

  • Overview coverage map
  • Installation pictures of access points, antennas and cable layout
  • Router and Access Point configuration

To request a GNS Wireless Network Installation, please contact us.