High throughput, high reliability Point to Multipoint solution:

The Cambium Networks wireless broadband Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) 320 is a low-cost fixed licensed outdoor distribution and access solution that delivers fast, affordable connectivity in a variety of environments and applications. The Point to Multipoint wireless 320 delivers high throughput for optimized performance, serving up to 200 subscribers per sector with a typical  aggregate bandwidth of up to 45 Mbps (10 MHz channel) and even higher throughput with Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) technology. That means a typical four-sector tower can provide a maximum capacity of up to 180 Mbps across up to 800 subscribers.

With mobile handsets integrating both Wi-Fi and cellular network applications now, cellular subscribers are demanding high quality connections wherever they go - and they will change carriers if they don't get it. Whether you are a data service provider looking to expand into new markets or a regional cellular provider seeking additional subscribers - responding to customer demands requires a robust infrastructure capable of providing the quadruple play of video, voice, data and mobility for wireless networking.

Point to Multipoint Wireless Advantages

  • Significantly cuts operational expenditures by eliminating fiber and leased line costs
  • Increase point to point and point to multipoint wireless network capacity within hours
  • Easily scales to growing traffic demands
  • Provides carrier-class reliability - 99.999% uptime
  • Overcomes challenging environmental barriers to connectivity
  • Circumnavigate geographical barrier


  • Raise cellular network and service quality
  • Prepare for 3G applications
  • Connect building and campus networks miles-apart
  • Raise data network capacity and reliability
  • Add critical link redundancy
  • Enter underserved geographies with a viable solution
  • Bring together "islands" of users