Farm WiFi Hotspot Systems

GNS Wireless  specializes in designing and installing WiFi systems for Farming and other Agricultural environments.  We provide a one stop shop for all your Farm based wifi equipment needs, in order to install a reliable, dependable, long range WiFI Network Solution. We have the experience to answer any and all questions you may have about our long range wireless network solutions, so get started by calling GNS Wireless at 877-209-5152.

The objective of a Farm wide WiFi network is to provide your farm with a strong, reliable signal, that reaches the perimeter of fences, or any area that you request service. We use high power 802.11N, or 802.11AC Wi-Fi access points, in specific areas in order to provide the customer, using their Wi-Fi enabled devices found in notebook computers, PDA's, and smartphones, Ipad Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi phones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.    Once the wireless network hotspot equipment is installed at your farm, you or your employees will have the ability to scan and connect to either your local inventory, or to the internet for data, or other custom request.   

Although the size and scope of the farm based systems we offer will vary based on the size of your ranch, we do offer pre-packaged wifi hotspot solutions. 

Popular Agricultural WiFi Hotspot Packages

GNS-1445-1WN 2.4GHz, 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna, 360 Degree Coverage, 802.11N High Power Access Point, POE   250ft. $429.99
GNS-1446-1WN 2.4GHz, 9dBi Omni-Directional Antenna, 360 Degree Coverage, 802.11N Outdoor Access Point, POE   500ft. $499.99
GNS-1447-1WN 2.4GHz, 11dBi Omni-Directional Antenna, 360 Degree Coverage, 802.11N High Power Access Point, POE   750ft. $589.00
GNS-1448-1WN 2.4GHz, 12dBi Omni-Directional Antenna, 360 Degree Coverage, 802.11N Weatherproof Access Point, POE   1000ft. $649.99
GNS-1449-1WN 2.4GHz, 15dBi Omni-Directional Antenna, 360 Degree Coverage, 802.11N High Power Access Point, POE   1000ft. $699.99
GNS-1485 2.4GHz, 16dBi Directional Antenna, 120 Degree Coverage, 802.11N 28dBm Access Point, POE   1000ft. $595.99
GNS-1585 2.4GHz, 14dBi Directional Sector Antenna, 120 Degree Coverage, 802.11N High Power Access Point, POE   750ft. $528.00

Campground WiFi signal boosters will allow you to extend the range beyond the 100ft. your existing Netgear AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router is providing.  However, not only will you want to upgrade the outdoor wireless access points, you want to make sure the router you choose can support the same increased work load that the wireless access points can handle.  Another words, if you upgrade your campground wifi setup to broadcast an extra 500ft. in all directions, you are now going to have more client devices on the wireless network.  The increased usage on a typical wireless N router will most likely fail, or at the very minimum lock up, during peak usage times such as morning and after work.  To prevent this, we carry a few basic, but reliable routers that are more commercial grade, and have the ability to also control bandwidth as your wireless network grows.

Commercial Grade Routers

Upgrading to a better quality router will not only stablize your Grassfed wireless network, but will also increase security and reliability.  Once a wireless network is expanded, the number of devices on your network increases.  This increase in devices needs to be managed by a router with a faster processer.  We listed 2 of the most popular below.  If you are interested in remote viewing, or other security features, please contact GNS Wireless today.

  • 4 Port Gigabit Router -This 4 port router has the ability to handle multiple WAN modems and includes a SFP port for fiber connectivity.  Recommended for parks with up to 200 spaces.
  • 6 Port Gigabit Router -This 6 port router includes a passive POE switch to support devices capable of 24V POE.  Will support multiple WAN modems, includes a SFP fiber port, and has ability to handle up to 500 concurrent devices.

Non GMO WiFi Signal Booster for your Farm

In the example of Credo farms, a large ranch in Covington LA, that required coverage of the full 7+ acres of farmland.  GNS Wireless helped to provide coverage to the entire property so that workers have the ability to scan new livestock, and check status of existing livestock.  At Credo farms, the internet modem is located at the main house, so broadcasting a WiFi signal was fairly straight forward.  We used the GNS-1585 hotspot package to provide full 360 degree coverage.  This extended the wireless network outward, up to 500ft. in all directions.  This grassfed, non-GMO community of livestock is now saving valuable time with the addition of a reliable wireless network.  For more information, please visit  

To get started on your Farm WiFi, or Farm Wireless Network, email us the address, or aerial view of your ranch.  This can be from Google Earth, Bing, Yahoo Maps, or just a picture you have of the area in question.  You can send that image, or link to If you would rather discuss your long-range wireless network options over the us, we have techs that can assist you every step of the way.  Toll Free: 877-209-5152

To Get Started:

  1. Email us the address or aerial view of your farm or other outdoor venue.
  2. A GNS Wireless technician will examine your application and go over your Wi-Fi coverage options.
  3. We will then provide product recommendations and email a line item quote for your review.
  4. Once approved, we will begin product configuration per your specification.
  5. Equipment is tested, labeled accordingly, packaged and shipped to your address.
  6. The items are now ready to install "out of the box".
  7. A detailed overview map, product installation diagrams, and wiring schematics are included with your new equipment to make the installation process go smoothly.  Technical support is included so you can contact us with any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise before/during and after the installation.