15-713, 13dBi, 2.4GHz, Dual Polarized Omni Antenna, 2x2 NF, 360 Degree, Pole mount hardware incl.

Manufacturer: GNS Wireless LLC.
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13dBi, 2.4GHz, Dual Polarized Omni Antenna, 2x2 NF, 360°
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2.4GHz, 13dBi Dual Polarized Omni Antenna, Dual N-Female connectors, 802.11N MIMO, 360 Degree Coverage, Pole mount hardware included. Connect this 2.4GHz Outdoor Omni Directional, MIMO Antenna to any of your Indoor or Outdoor Wireless Access Points. This 2.4GHz Antenna works great for connecting two locations wirelessly, or extending the range of your wireless hotspot, outdoor wireless network, sharing data, or using a VoIP wireless link. With the appropriate coax cable (not included) you will be able to connect this 2.4GHz antenna to any Linksys, Cisco, D-Link, Netgear, ZyXel or other Wireless Access Point for increased signal strength. Back to Top
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