Mimosa B5c | 5 GHz, PtP Radio with external N-type Connectors (2x2 MIMO)

Manufacturer: Mimosa
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MFG Part # B5C
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5GHz - 1Gbps PTP Backhaul Radio, Connectorized Radio
Product Info
5GHz - 1Gbps PTP Backhaul Radio, Connectorized Radio. The B5c Backhaul is changing the game. Leveraging 802.11ac, 4x4:4 MIMO and radical engineering for service providers that demand the same capacity, speed and reliability as fiber. With 1.7 Gbps PHY and a unique spin on reliability, the B5c is re-defining gigabit wireless technology.

Dual Link

Dual Link revolutionizes backhaul reliability by load balancing across two non-contiguous channels to avoid outages due to interference. If one channel experiences interference the radio maintains connection while simultaneously searching for new replacement channel.

Additionally, Dual Link adds value by easing difficulties when searching for available spectrum in congested areas. Now, bandwidth can be split across two different channels. Experience the same throughput, with less complication.

Wireless interference can change in an instant, and your network needs to adapt. The Mimosa B5 wireless bridge offers constant spectrum analysis with historical and real-time data to dynamically make smarter decisions.

The Auto Everything feature will automatically adjust frequency, channel width and power levels based on environmental feedback. This feature can be turned off for users that prefer more control. 

This complete link operates as a layer 2, transparent bridge between your two locations.  Please contact us if you’d like more information on our point-to-point wireless bridge solutions or our point-to-point Ethernet radios.

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