12-602, 5GHz 500mW Indoor Amplifier w/ Filter

Manufacturer: Teletronics
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MFG Part # 12-602
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12-602, 5GHz 500mW Indoor Amplifier w/ Filter
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12-602, 5GHz 500mW Indoor Amplifier w/ Filter

Ultra High Isolation Amplifier.
Designed to eliminate excessive interference caused by overuse of ISM channels.

Link Quality.
This ultra high isolation amplifier will not only extend the distance of wireless communication, but also improve link quality. The out of band rejection is more than 60 dB @ fc +/- 620 MHz. It is the finest amplifier for ideal, high-speed, long-range communication systems. It is fully compatible with any 802.11a OFDM radio, such as Teletronics TT5800 series. In addition, this ultra high isolation amplifier can be integrated into any 5.8GHz system. Back to Top

Ultra High Isolation Amplifier Technical Specifications


0.5 Watt Indoor

Operating Range:

5725 - 5875 MHz

Operating Mode:

Bi-directional, TDD

Transmit Gain:

13 dB

Frequency Response:

+/- 1 dB

Output Power:

0.5 W

TX Input Power:

1mW (0dBm) min up to
25mW (14dBm) max

Receiver Gain:

15 dB typical

Noise Figure:

3.5 dB typical

Out of Band Rejection:

> 60 dB @ fc +/- 620 MHz

TX/RX Bandpass Filter:



SMA-type, female/female, 50 Ohm

DC Surge Protection:

600Watts TVS @ 5.5 VDC

Power Consumption:

0.8 A @ 5.5 VDC

Operating Temperature:

-30°C to + 70°C

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