866 Mbps, 5.8GHz, Point to Point Wireless Bridge, 23dBi Integrated Panel Antennas, 27dBm TX/RX Power, 128bit encryption, POE/PS included, 1-yr warranty - Pre-Configured - 3 Mile | Complete Link

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866 Mbps, 5.8GHz, 3 Mile, Full Duplex Bridge,  - Complete Link

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866 Mbps 5.8GHz Long Range Wireless Point to Point Bridge, GNS-1155AC  |  Complete Link

See the GNS-5422 for an optional PTP, which uses small 23dBi dish antennas.  Similar speed, with high reliability and a wider frequency range support.

GNS-1155AC High Capacity Wireless Bridge Product Info:

What's included in this point to point wireless link:

2x Outdoor Radio w/ 23dBi Integrated Antenna
2x Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE) |10/100/1000
2x Power Supply
2x 50ft. Shielded cat5e Ethernet Cable
2x Pole Mount Hardware for 1-2.5" OD mast
1 Year Warranty including Technical Support

Bridge antennas are pre-configured for "out of the box" installation and operation. External Signal LED's will assist with alignment and troubleshooting procedures. Maximum cat5e cable to be used on each end is 250ft. (Sheilded cat5e is recommended)


The GNS-1155AC will operate as a transparent bridge and will pass all VLAN tagged frames.  Map to data VLAN ID – specify the VLAN ID for traffic tagging on particular VAP interface. The devices that associate using the particular SSID will be grouped into this VLAN. Map to data VLAN ID is not available if device is operating in Router network mode.

Directional 23 dBi panel antenna makes this point to point wireless link ideal for medium to long range communication both in point to point and point to multipoint scenario.  For shorter range wireless connections, non line of sight is possible, even with pine trees blocking the signal this link will have no problem at less than 1000ft. range.

The 500Mbps link operates using 802.11ac standards designed to provide maximum performance in any conditions. Metal IP standards rated enclosure not only protects from harsh weather conditions, but also allows using high-power radio for long distance links at the same time creating a shield for unwanted RF noise from nearby sources.

Up to 80MHz channel width for maximum throughput and low latency data connection ensuring support for voice, video, file transfers and gaming.

Connection to Network:
To connect the bridge antenna to your network at each location, a single Cat5 Ethernet cable is used. A 50ft. cable is included for each location. (If you need more cable, a maximum length of up to 250ft. can be used) The Cat5 Ethernet cable connects directly from the outdoor radio using a weatherproof grommet, to an indoor POE (Power-over-Ethernet) injector. The POE injector plugs into a standard AC outlet for power, and another Cat5 Ethernet cable connects from the POE injector to your network (Router/PC/Switch etc.) 

At the MAIN/SOURCE location, you will typically connect to an open LAN port on the back of your existing router, or switch. At the REMOTE/DESTINATION location, you can connect either directly to a PC if you only have a single computer, or you can connect to an indoor wired/wireless router. This will allow you to run multiple computers over the wireless bridge.

This point to point antenna showcases an array of advanced software mechanisms that provide optimal point-to-point connectivity for high-throughput, long distance links. The proprietary point-to-point mechanism utilizes techniques such as Selective Repeat ARQ and Dynamic Time Division Duplexing (TDD) to increase link efficiency and greatly decrease the impact that distance has on throughput of the link. The software ingenuity delivered on the bridge platform enables actual TCP throughput of up to 70 Mbps and 35,000 packets-per-second, delivering a solution made for rock solid backhaul capability for both VOIP and data applications.

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Add'l Info

This wireless to Ethernet bridge can be painted.  Let GNS Wireless paint this antenna for you.  Most popular color request is black.  If you have a custom color, contact us directly and we will paint the antennas any color you like.  Custom paint requests require an additional 48 hours for processing to allow paint to cure and dry.  Images of painted antenna will be emailed to you prior to shipment.  Price will vary based on request, however in most instances the cost is $50.  (Flat Black, Gloss Black, White)

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