12-510, 5.7-5.8GHz 500mW, Outdoor Amplifier

Manufacturer: Teletronics
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MFG Part # 12-510
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12-510, 5.7-5.8GHz 500mW, Outdoor Amplifier
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12-510, 5.7-5.8GHz 500mW, Outdoor Amplifier

Compact Perfection.
With its sleek design and just 4.3 inches in length, this Mini-Amp provides everything needed to extend the signal range of 5.8GHz wireless radio devices.

Reliable and Flexible.
This 802.11a 500mW M58 amplifier is Teletronics' latest development under the Bi-Directional RF Amplifier product line. Reliable and flexible these amplifiers are especially designed for excellent signal linearity with a low noise figure to achieve the maximum throughput allowed in the OFDM spectrum.

Typical radio devices can be Teletronics' TT5800 (Coming Soon), Proxim 5054 (MP.11a), and any other 802.11a radios. OFDM modulation can be achieved at 54 Mbps. The line of sight range is from 5 to 32 miles (depending on the antenna usage.)

No Mounting Needed.
Designed for extending the range and enlarging coverage of wireless radio devices at 5.8GHz, this unit provides the transmit power amplification
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M58 Amplifier 500mW: Item#12-510

Frequency Range:

5725-5875 MHz

Operating Mode:

Bi-directional, TDD

Transmit Gain:


Receive Gain:

12 dB Typical

Noise Figure:

3.5 dB Typical

Frequency Response Stability:

+/- 1 dB

Input Power:

1mW (0dBm) min
25mW (14dBm) max

Ouput Power:

500mW (0.5W)


N-type, Male/Female, 50 Ohm

Power Consumption:

Tx: 0.8A @ 7.5VDC
Rx: 0.2A @ 7.5VDC


Length: 4.3"




0.7 lbs

Operating Temperature:

-30 °C to + 70 °C

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Add'l Info

1. 802.11a (OFDM) compatible
2. Bi-directional
3. Low noise figure
4. Wide range of operating temp.
5. Easy installation & max. flexibility
6. N-type, Male/Female Connectors
7. Indoor and outdoor use
8. No mounting needed
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